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    Lite-On LVD 2001 and LVR 1001 Review
    Author: Daniel Toppler
    Date Posted: June 11th, 2003
    SLRating - Lite-On LVD 2001 DVD drive: SLRating: 8/10
    SLRating Lite-On LVR 1001 DVD drive: SLRating: 9/10
    Bottom Line: Lite-On have launched their new DVD players, we got our hands on two of them, read on to find out what we thought of them in our official review...

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    Remote Control

    I liked the remote control included with the LVR-1001 much more then the remote included with the 2001 model. For one thing, itís a matching silver color. There are also countless nice additions to the 1001 remote that the 2001 remote doesnít have, such as a handy navigational joystick. Below is a comparison between the two.

    Also, performance was horrible with the remote. It had to be pointing right at the drive in order to work...very annoying.

    Recording Programs

    Let me clarify that this player does not make DVD copies in VCD format!

    The LVR-1001 allows a connection from the player to an outside source, such as a TV, camcorder, or VCR, via a composite or S-Video cable. Itís easy to connect a camcorder for quick recording in the front ports, but itís wise to connect your TV to the back ports to always have access. Itís very easy to actually record. First, you turn on the drive and put it any (most will work) blank CD. I tested with PNY and Memorex CDís. Then, you press the source button on your remote control to use the correct output. Once thatís selected, all you need to do is press Record. The recording process will begin immediately as long as the disk is already prepared. It compresses the video and audio into MPEG-2 format to make it small enough to fit on a CD. Keep in mind that you can only fit 1 hour of video on one CD, so in order to have a movie on CDís, youíll need two. But, for TV shows, this works out to be just fine.

    Quality of the recorded programs was slightly less then VHS. Itís not good at all for distributing, but for home viewing, itís just fine. Some scenes of a TV sitcom that I recorded were grainy, but still viewable. The quality never got bad, but it was not exactly excellent either. Once again, itís fine for home viewing.

    You can also view the recorded video right on your PC since it is recorded in VCD format. Windows Media Player should be able to view the video. Quality on the PC was actually slightly better then on the TV.

    I didnít like the fact that the drive lacked a timer. This means that you canít set a specific time to record something, so donít throw out your VCR just yet. You have to pretty much be there in order to record a program, unlike VCRís.

    DVD Playback

    DVD Playback was exactly like the LVD-2001, excellent. All colors were rich and vibrant, and there was no lag whatsoever when watching Gladiator and the Matrix. Thereís not much I can say about playback performance, so bottom line is that the quality was great.

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