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    Lite-On LVD 2001 Review
    Author: Daniel Topler
    Date Posted: July 14th, 2003
    SLRating - Lite-On LVD 2001 DVD drive: SLRating: 10/10
    Bottom Line: A little while back we reviewed two new Lite-On DVD players, by popular demand we have carried out some more testing of the LVD-2001 with a focus on the MPEG-4 playback capability, were we impressed, find out in our official review...

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    The Lite-On LVD-2001 is a sleek, silver set-top player that should look good in any home theatre environment. Itís thin, silver, and looks great. On the front, youíll find the power button, the DVD drive, various playback controls, and a PCMCIA slot for a memory card reader. The front part of the drive is mostly a shiny black, which looks great with the silver body of the drive.

    There isnít much on the front of the LVD-2001, but it has everything you need.

    On the back of the LVD-2001, youíll find a lot more. There are S-Video inputs and outputs, composite inputs and outputs, and digital audio input. Youíll, also, of course, find the power connector. It isnít stylish on the back of the LVD-2001, but how often do you look at the back of your set-top DVD player?


    The Package and Installation

    The package came in a box that was secured using foam blocks. The drive was sturdy, and the accessories were included in a box that was on the side of the package. The box seemed sturdy, so I wouldnít expect anyone to have any shipping damages problems.

    In the box, once everything was removed, I found a manual that was fully in Japanese. This is OK, considering this is a Asia-Pacific model, but hopefully theyíll ship an English manual in the American version. Thereís also the actual player, the remote (with two Energizer AAA batteries), a warranty card (in English), as well as a power cable a composite video/audio cable. The package was good, but nothing that you wouldnít find in any other DVD playersí box.

    Installation was like any other set-top DVD player. Plug the drive into AC power, and put the composite cable from the output connection from the player into the input connector on the TV. Thereís not much to it. As soon as thatís done, youíre ready to play DVDís.


    DVD Playback was the best you can get. Not much else to say, but if youíre looking for quality, here it is!

    But what youíre probably looking for when you get this player is the MPEG-4 playback. Like I said, itís completely revolutionary. Simply pop in your disk and youíre watching your movie in a few clicks. Hereís what happens:

    When the device is turned on, youíll get this splash screen.

    Once a MPEG-4 disk is inserted, youíll get this screen.

    Press OK, and youíll see the list of files on the disk. In my case, it was just one, the American Pie 2 DiVx CD 1 movie (with Swedish subtitles). Select your file, and press OK. The interface is excellent on the LVD-2001. Itís easy to use, clean, simple, and very functional. Almost impossible to find a complaint about it.

    While my camera didnít perform too well under the fast moving video and the bright light in the room from the sun (no blinds), the playback was excellent, and, as long as itís a good DiVx file, looks almost exactly like a DVD. Incredible, and once again, completely revolutionary. There was absolutely no problems with playing, no lag, no sound problems, no video problems, nothing. People that download MPEG-4/DiVx movies and have a big collection will seriously LOVE this player. It saves them hours of time per movie, yet still remains just as functional. Lite-On did itís research with this one.

    According to, the LVD-2001 can also read data from a DVD+RW, allowing you to fit multiple movies at once on just one disk. I donít have a DVD burner though, so I couldnít test this for myself. I also tested this player with a collection of MP3ís, and each song played fine with no problems at all.

    Photo playback is also great. Once you insert your memory card, a screen will appear similar to when a MPEG-4 disk is inserted. Pressing OK loads the same menu as we previously saw when we pressed OK when using a MPEG-4 disk. You can browse through the images yourself, or do the automatic slideshow. Pressing Pause pauses the slideshow, which is very convenient. It does take about 3-4 seconds for each picture to load (2MP images), which can be annoying, but is manageable.


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