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  • Jan 28th, 2020 - 8:41 PM EST And Unite
    Partnership brings together product reviews and retailers

    Spring Mills, Pa. - March 3, 2000 - (, a new and innovative internet shopping service, has announced a partnership with (, one of the Internet’s leading reviewers of computer products, hardware and software.

    By combining the resources of each website, visitors to Systemlogic can now use iBuyer’s comprehensive search engine to locate retailers that might carry a certain product. In addition, by using iBuyer, customers can compare the pricing of the product, as well as shipping and handling charges, in order to decide the ideal way to purchase the product via the Internet. Customers now have the option not only to purchase products via the vast database of retailers located at, but also to get an in-depth look at those products through reviews and articles at

    Unlike the majority of e-commerce websites, where customers go simply to purchase products and then leave, iBuyer hopes to retain viewers with the addition of Systemlogic. This unique partnership, providing product reviews as well as pricing and retailer information, creates an interactive buying experience, helping to attract new users to Systemlogic and keep them coming back.

    "'s partnership with Systemlogic is an important step in our partnership programs. The partnership will help users find the latest and pricing information directly from their website," said iBuyer CEO Ted Chiang. "Feedback from users will allow to learn more about the market and improve the quality of our services to partners and online shoppers."

    "This partnership will definitely allow SystemLogic to provide better content to its readers and help the consumer overall. I felt that the price search engine had created was a great leap forward in e-commerce and has proven to be helpful in many instances. This brings forward an opportunity that will bring e-commerce as well as user readership to a new level on the Internet," said David Pitlyuk, Founder and CEO of

    The venture is a further extension of iBuyer’s Comprehensive Computer Community. Since iBuyer’s inception in December 1998, its main goal has been to cater to all computer-related shoppers by offering them not only price comparison, but also product reviews. The combination of the two allows consumers to become informed shoppers and brings retailers, customers and the media together.

    About, a privately held company located in Spring Mills, Pa., has developed an online computer price "search and comparison" engine. It has developed a revolutionary database of information on more than 300 resellers, 200 of which are certified members and 1,400 manufacturers. has partnered with some of the biggest brand names in the industry to complete the database of products and pricing info. works to smoothen the process of data collection, storage and distribution among resellers, manufacturers and content partners. also strives to close the gap between users, sellers and makers of products through it’s technology. can be reached at


    Founder David Pitlyuk, a 17-year-old from Princeton, NJ first conceived SystemLogic in February of 1999. is a premier website that provides the computer industry with information and product evaluation of computer related products. SystemLogic is a part of The SystemLogic Network also founded by David Pitlyuk. The network includes four sites; (, (, (, and ( They have been affiliated with The Future Games Network, the largest gaming network on the web. Contact
    Sunita Dillon Contact
    David Pitlyuk
    Company: The SystemLogic Network
    Phone: (609) 987-0992
    Fax: (609) 951-9435

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