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  • May 26th, 2019 - 12:26 AM EST
    SLCentralSite InfoWho We AreAamir Kadri

    Aamir Kadri
    News Editor

    Aamir Kadri was born on the 1st of July, 1974 in Ahmedabad, India (the place is full of cows and crows and beasties of every kind the zoo at least). He was gifted a Sinclair ZX81 way back in 1982 by his uncle and that started him on the route to computing. He managed to make some graphics with his ZX81, though the efforts did not turn out well, and was able to upgrade to a whopping 32 Kilobytes expansion pack for his computer. Later on, he got a ZX Spectrum and tried his hand at programming the Z80 chip with assembly (which was doomed to miserable failure, since he could not comprehend why the nifty graphics he'd seen in 'The Empire Strikes Back' couldn't be recreated on the Spectrum.....). Further along the line, he joined a computer course in his school which had just ordered for spanking new IBM PC compatibles. These beauties had two floppy drives and also 128K of RAM. Needless to say, this gave a goodly impetus to his 'pursuit of better computing'.

    In the mid 90's, he joined with a media and communications company where he soon made his mark as a technical director (better known for unfairly being shouted at as a 'tinkerer' and accused of 'trying to murder a 387 co-processor'....while it was rendering some important frames in 3D Studio 2). After a long and happy stint at SVC, where he learnt most of his multimedia and graphics interests on the job, he had to move from the company, as the company was moving someplace else. Then, he had a short time out with teaching with a multimedia institute where he served as a 'centre academics head' (a fancy term for sitting with students and teaching them the sillier points of multimedia) where he met quite a few unforgettable characters who were (....pains in the donkey) so to say. Afterwards, he bought his computer (with a lot of help from his dad) and started working freelance. Presently, he finished conducting a faculty training course at another multimedia institute and was involved in conducting a 3D workshop for a famous architecture institute called CEPT.

    He joined SLCentral at about the same time as Rob DeSanno (which was May 2001 of course) and hopes to serve the site with as much dedication as all the staff members (who, needless to say are a shining example of 'unity' though many have not met each other as well as being totally dedicated to the site's upliftment and promotion).

    He loves reading, computer animation and games, watching Formula 1 as well as listening to oldies. At present, Aamir is located in Ahmedabad.

    Daniel Topler - Chief Editor
    John Shi - Senior Editor
    Steve Montague - Moderator
    Leht Samson - Editor

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