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  • Apr 9th, 2020 - 3:00 AM EST
    SLCentralSite InfoWho We ArePaul Mazzucco

    Paul Mazzucco
    Processor/Technology Specialist

    Paul's fascinations with computers go back to his days of crashing his mom's 33mhz 486SX, and trying to undo what he did before she found out.. Then he started programming in QBASIC, making near exclusive use of the GOTO statement, with no concept of structured or procedural programming, and thus, failing miserably in his programming endeavors.

    Later, when he got the guts (and the cash) to get a "new" computer of his own (an old 20mhz 386DX from a friend), he found that it didn't work. Then he thought it was because their was a socket which was not filled...and it just so happened that an AMD 286 fit in perfectly. Needless to say, the parts were not meant for each other. Paul burned his finger.

    In an attempt to just go out and buy the parts needed for a new computer, and more importantly, not burn his finger again, Paul set out with lots of research through magazines. He ended up buying, much like Anand Lal Shimpi, a Cyrix chip (no snide comments please - he'll explain his reasons ad nausem ;-) ). After this, the Wibbly Wobbly Web was available, and he scoured the 'net for any and all information about how computers worked in order to best understand what he should get next.

    After helping Sergio obtain an Athlon tweaking program, Sergio recommended for Paul to contact Dave, and used a post about Cyrix Corporation, post-mortem, as an example of his writing.

    At SLCentral, Paul's articles take a technical look at current, and future computing trends. His focus tends to be more on how a computer achieves its performance, rather than on what it's performance is. He takes into account economic, tactical, and of course, the technical reasons behind decision points in the development of microprocessors, and other related technologies.

    Paul is currently a student at the University of Maryland College Park, studying Computer Engineering. He's mostly interested in Computer Architecture, and the various ways of increasing real-world processing throughput.

    Paul also has studied Tae Kwon Do for 11 years under Master Randy Rotta, out of his hometown of Randolph Vermont, and has interests in the martial arts.

    Daniel Topler - Chief Editor
    John Shi - Senior Editor
    Steve Montague - Moderator
    Leht Samson - Editor

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