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  • May 26th, 2019 - 12:09 AM EST
    SLCentralSite InfoWho We AreRobert DeSanno

    Robert DeSanno
    News Editor

    Born on September 18, 1969, Rob has always been into cutting edge technology. After his move from Staten Island to upstate New York, he purchased his own, personal Apple-IIe computer with a little help from his grandparents and thus started his journey down the road of geekdom never to return.

    Rob has just finished his 5-year tour being an independent computer consultant at many companies in the New York/New Jersey tri-state area and has finally settled down with a permanent position as a Desktop Support Associate at a major footwear company in Northern New Jersey doing mostly application, break-fix, and networking computer support.

    He started to work at SLCentral in May of 2001 as a contributing news editor and fly-by forum poster but still leaves enough time for being Mister Mom and an avid PC gamer.

    Currently, he lives in the remote outskirts of West Milford, New Jersey with his wife of 8 years, Karen, 5-year old daughter, Danielle and his recently born son, Joseph.

    Daniel Topler - Chief Editor
    John Shi - Senior Editor
    Steve Montague - Moderator
    Leht Samson - Editor

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