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    SLCentralArticlesArticles Oct 31st, 2020 - 10:04 AM EST
    A Guru's World #23: Network Topology
    Author: JonnyGURU
    Date Posted: October 1st, 2001
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    Network Topology

    Using the Intel 2011 system is ludicrous for someone that simply doesn't want to drop cable, such as my self. Although I'm impressed with the 11 Mbps access speeds over a wireless connection, the cost of components is a bit out there. Each PC Card is over $100 and the PCI adapter for use with desktop PCs is another $75! And the price of the Access Point? It costs over $650!

    But where the Intel 2011 really shined, and was actually quite fun, was in using it in a laptop. One could be in the bedroom, in the living room, in the kitchen or in the can, and as long as you battery held up or there was an electrical outlet near by, you could be online.

    On the other end of the house there is a second Netgear Home PNA bridge. Why did I spring for a second bridge rather than a cheap little $20 Home PNA network card? Well, I do a lot of work at home in the center bedroom, so to install a Home PNA NIC in every machine I bring into the house is not practical. I have the second bridge hooked up to an 8-port hub and since most PCs have NICs in them, connecting to the network is very easy.

    Another reason for the second bridge is cross platform compatibility. To my knowledge, Home PNA does not have drivers or software for anything but Windows. If I bring in a Linux box, I'm screwed as far as I know in trying to get a Home PNA adapter to work.

    Also, because the bedroom that this second bridge is in is for me to work on PCs without getting in my wife's way (I manage to do this anyway), there is a D-Link powered KVM switch installed on the desk as well as the aforementioned 8 port hub, so several PCs can be networked and running making take home jobs much easier.

    Now just when you thought the limit of the gizmos in my house were limited to just networking goodies, the icing on the cake is the X10 Entertainment Anywhere transmitter and receiver in the living room. Sure, it's not a network device and doesn't really go anywhere in a text book topology, but if you have gotten the jist of how much of a jungle of CAT5 and AC Adapters my place is, then you can understand why this gizmo needs to be mentioned.

    The computer has a DVD player in it and more music in the form of MP3 files, than I have music on CD. Watching a DVD on a 17" monitor isn't that great and listening to music on a pair of Sony SRS-170s isn't exactly room filling.

    The Entertainment Anywhere system allows me to broadcast these movies and music, without wires, to the entertainment center on the other side of the living room. All of the pieces fit (I know because I watched them fall away).

    Now if I only had a larger television set to watch those DVDs on. :(

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