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    SLCentralArticlesArticles Oct 31st, 2020 - 9:59 AM EST
    A Guru's World #25: Back From Comdex
    Author: JonnyGURU
    Date Posted: November 26th, 2001

    Part 2

    Two weeks ago, I got to go to Comdex. It was a small Comdex this year, but all of the industry knew this coming into it and adjusted accordingly. The convention center floors would be filled with a plethora of Joe Enduser and Mom and Pop's IT men (and women). All of the serious people knew where to find the other serious people. Upstairs in meeting rooms is where you got the low down on AMD, Intel, NVidia...All the good stuff was up there.

    So where did I come in?

    AMD decided to pacify the end user crowd with a little Athlon XP loving. AMD had two PC companies, one from the East coast and one from the West, build 40 PCs each and set up internet pavilions where people could go and check email and do a little surfing.

    Each company brought a product manager in case there needed to be some schmoozing with some of the other product vendors (we scored some speakers from Kinyo for our pavilion), a PR/Sales guy (we brought Chad. He's the guy who printed up all of the flyers and mouse pads that we gave away. I'm sure a deal was struck up with the owner there), a tech in case something went wrong (that's where I came in) and a manager of sorts to deal with all of the logistics (the owner of the company came with us).

    Right off the bat, set up was a nightmare. First, we find out that someone unloading the truck kicked one of the PCs and I was immediately put into action. After this was discovered, we found out that we would have to set up each PC with a static IP. The PCs were set up back at home using DHCP. We were given a block of 40 IP addresses, but by the time we got to the 30th machine, we found that someone else was using our IP addresses so we had to start randomly punching in numbers. This took a while. Add to this the fact that we had bad CAT5 cables (some of the ends looked like they were crimped on wit Vise-Grips) and you can chalk up one stressful Monday morning for the old Jonny Guru.

    Essentially, the way things were /supposed/ to go, we were to have these PC set up for people to surf on, give out AMD propaganda, as well as information about our product, and answer questions people might have had about the machines.

    It didn't turn out so much that way.

    >> Part 3

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