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    SLCentralArticlesArticles Sep 24th, 2020 - 7:41 PM EST
    AGW #28: Videogame Consoles
    Author: JonnyGURU
    Date Posted: January 7th, 2002

    Unfortunately, the Adam missed the Christmas 1983 market, and ended up being a serious loss for Coleco. Coleco turned its attention to Cabbage Patch Dolls to regain its financial footing in the toy industry. Demand exceeded supply, so Coleco expanded anticipating a second year of the craze. Unfortunately, Cabbage Patch popularity had died in 1985 and Coleco had to eventually file for bankruptcy.

    For once, Atari was not at the top of its game and the 5200 release in 1982 wasn't met with much fanfare. The games were of a quality similar to the ColecoVision, but titles were fewer, prices were higher, the controllers were hated and just to put icing on the cake, the 5200 console didn't play Atari VCS cartridges. A later revision of the 5200 had two slots to accommodate both 2600 and 5200 cartridges, but it was perhaps too late to save the console.

    This same year, Atari renamed the VCS the "2600". Obviously the name stuck as people even today call the VCS the 2600 even if it was made prior to 1982. Also, the 2600 enjoyed another resurgence of popularity when yet another arcade game is ported to home: Pac-man. Atari paid $1 million dollars to have the game programmed as quickly as possible. This shows when Pacman and Ms. Pacman for the VCS are compared head to head. The graphics for Pacman are almost unforgivable. That same year, Atari paid $21 million to license E.T. and only sold 1 million copies as over 5 million more sat on the shelf.

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