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    Ahanix dboX Computer Case Review
    Author: Alan Wong
    Date Posted: October 21st, 2003
    SLRating: SLRating: 9/10
    Bottom Line: The last few years have given rise to cases with modded windows Ė a practice previously unheard of. Now itís a growing a trend to have a modded PC case with a side panel window. With so many options available which should you choose? We reviewed the Ahanix dboX and liked it although there were a few minor issues. Read on to find out what we found in our official review.......

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    Internal Features

    The inside of the case is basically an average case. Although it is ordinary only to have one exhaust fan, Ahanix could have done away with those virtually useless I/O ports below the exhaust fan and could have made enough space for 2 exhaust fans instead of 1. Unfortunately, Ahanix bases most of their mid tower on this internal structure. The edges of the case were rolled up.


    The power supply mount is standard and can fit most power supplies. *Note: This case did not come with a power supply. One must be purchased separately.

    The case has four 5.25" drive bays. Pictured here is the rear view of the CD bezels that cover stealth the optical drives.


    The bays only require you to screw the drives on the side facing the window. The other side of the case does not have any holes to screw screws into, On the side that does allow screws to mount the drive, the bay is numbered to help you keep track of precisely where your drive is, which is a useful tool when using it as a reference point to try to slide your optical drive in just the right position so that the 5.25" bezel is in the right position to trigger the eject button on the optical drive.

    The cooling system consists of only two fans: the rear 80mm fan and the front 120mm fan. For those people who like to keep lots of quiet fans running in their case to keep their system quiet and cool, this may not be possible. Unfortunately, there isnít any other place to put a fan even if you wanted to. There is only one 80mm exhaust fan slot and one 120mm fan slot in the front, both of which are taken up with the included fans. There is no side fan panel or top fan panel For alternative methods of cooling, the only options would be to get a power supply with a circulating fan at the bottom and/or get one of those very common pc coolers (the ones that go on the expansion slot). This may help with cooling, but they arenít as good as traditional fans (since those items sometimes mess up air circulation in the case).


    The fans use 2-pin connectors for power and therefore are able to connect to the motherboard however, they do not have the yellow wire, and so tyour system would not be able to detect what RPM the fan is running at. They were meant to be connected to the ICB and not the motherboard, that is why there are only 2 pins for the included fans. The 2-pin male connectors from the fans are connected to a female 2-pin connector and that connector leads back to the ICB, where you are able to control the speed of the fans manually. You always have the option of taking off the included fans and adding your own case fans. If you choose to install any 3rd party fans fans, you have the option of plugging it into the ICB 2-Pin Female connector, but since the connector of the ICB is only 2-pin, your system would not be able to detect the RPM of that fan.

    Another convenient part of the case is the removable expansion slot covers. Itís as simple as pushing the expansion slot cover inward from the outside and the cover instantly comes off. This way, there wouldnít be any hassle to try to bend the face plates off and take them off permanently like conventional cases. The Expansion slot covers were not sharp at all and so you donít need to worry about cutting your fingers.


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