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    Altec Lansing 5100 5.1 Speaker System Review
    Author: Jakester
    Date Posted: August 28th, 2003
    SLRating: SLRating: 9.5/10
    Bottom Line: To get the most from any gaming experience you need a decent sound system, we reviewed the futuristic looking Altec Lansing 5100 Speaker System, it was crisp and even, how did it cope when we put it to the test, read on to find out in our official review....

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    Sadly all of this audio fun must come to an end. It's conclusion time. I must say my first impression of the 5100's was that they looked very sharp. Altec did a great job of designing the satellites, center speaker, and the subwoofer. They have a sleek futuristic look to them that makes them very appealing to the eye. The input cords built into the speakers are very long which can be both good and bad. If you use the long cords to their full potential and have them setup all around the room, then they are good. If you have have them setup around your desk, then the wires form a little pile of cords behind the subwoofer...

    This isn't that big of a deal because you can easily bundle up the cords with some plastic twist ties or something like that. I'm just lazy J . The performance of the 5100's was very impressive. The sound was wonderfully crisp and clear even at the highest of volume settings. I really feel Altec did a great job of designing these speakers for people that care about sound quality and not how loud their speakers can blare. Even though many speaker systems have more power than the 5100's, the sound quality of many other more powerful sound systems degrade after 60-70%, essentially wasting all the extra juice. The only real complaint I have about the 5100 speaker system is that the subwoofer could use a little more kick for those big explosions. Other than that very minor complaint, the subwoofer does an excellent job in pumping out smooth bass.

    Overall, I really liked the 5100's. I think the retail price of $179USD is a fair price because of the high quality of the system. I have to give the Altec Lansing 5100 Speaker System a big applause and a 9.5 out of 10.

    SLRating: 9.5/10

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