Altec Lansing has served up one of thier most expensive personal audio systems, their FX6021's, and today we get up close and personal with them. When comparing the components involved with the FX5021's, the systems are identical. Both come with two satellites, one subwoofer, a control panel, and a wireless remote. However, the look and specs of the two systems differ quite a bit. The FX5021's have a total continous power level of 90 Watts RMS which is actually higher than the FX6021's 75 Watts RMS. The FX5021's are also rated louder than the FX6021's with a signal to noise ratio @ 1 kHz input of 80dB, 5dB higher than the 75 dB level of the FX6021's. The lack of power is a disappointment in the FX6021, but it seems as though Altec Lansing had quality of sound as their number one priority rather than just making a loud system.


Features InConcert™ Technology – The fusion of pro audio line-array and tri-amp technologies,
Altec Lansing’s InConcert uses three separate amplifiers to power a total of 12 fullrange
Micro Drivers. A frequency filtering system beams concentrated audio directed right at the listener, without
reverb from floors and ceilings.
Wireless Remote and Control Pod – Both provide control of bass, treble and master volume levels.
Auxiliary Input Jack – Connect two different audio sources – your PC and MP3 jukebox for example – at the same time.
Headphone Jack – For private listening.




Extension cords for satellites
Remote control
Control panel
Audio cord
Support base for satellite

When compared to the FX5021 satellites, these silver satellites aren't even remotely similiar. Unlike the stubbier FX5021's, they have a very tall (14.4") and skinny frame (2.5") which is needed to house their six 1" fullrange micro drivers. Also unlike the FX5021's, the FX6021 satellites do not come with any 3" full-range drivers.

Here we see the heavy metal base that connects to the bottom of the satellite providing it support to stand up. The picture on the right shows how the wire coming from the satellite is run through a canal on the bottom of the base allowing it to lay flush to the surface it is resting on.

As usual with Altec Lansing speakers, installation is extremely easy. Each input is color coded and since it is only a 2.1 system, there isn't a whole lot to plug in. Just pop in the satellite inputs, controller input, and the green colored cord that runs to your sound card and you're ready to roll.

Last but not least is the control panel. It gives you all the basic functionality you would want providing you with the ability to change the treble, bass, and master volume levels. The two plastic hooks coming off of the top of the control panel is where the remote control can be stored.


To 'test' the FX6021 system, I ran a wide array of audio and sound through them. First a bit of techno; performed very well. The satellites and their combined 12 drivers really deliver on mid to high range sounds. Next a bit of 'booty music', you know, the songs that really call for some serious bass. Sadly, when the music played, the bass was very disappointing. A slight bump here and there, but nothing to really get me going. As I began testing with some PC games, the same bass woes occured. Just not enough boom in the explosions to make the experience seat rattling. Not to be ignored, the towering satellites did an excellent job in producing that nice metallic ching when using an MP5 or Doom 3's chain gun.

At the end of the day, the FX6021's are a good set of speakers. Being a high-end 2.1 system is a rarity as you find 5.1, 6.1 and even 7.1 systems when you get into the $200 or more price range. The FX6021's come with pretty much standard features with the ability to adjust the bass and treble via the control panel, the wireless remote is an added bonus. This system was extremely easy to install and any novice should definitely consider this system for its ease of use and deliverance of great sound.

SLRating: 9.0 / 10

SLRating: 9/10

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