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    Apple iMac G5 1.6GHz Review
    Author: extremepc
    Date Posted:30/10/2004 19:01.58
    SLRating: SLRating: 9/10
    Bottom Line: The iMac G5 is the latest system from Apple, merging a display and computer in one sleek device. But does it live up to the hype?

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    It's clear that Apple, put a lot of time and thought into the design of the latest iMac. Clearly resembling their new Aluminum LCD displays, the iMac G5 looks more like a display then a computer. It's stand is aluminum, and holds up the entire unit, which weighs around eighteen pounds. Besides the stand, the system is entirely white. The 17" (or 20") screen is quite big, and is sufficient for pretty much any home user.

    My favorite part of the design? The lack of cables. My current system has one cable for the entire unit, which is for power. My keyboard and mouse are both Bluetooth, my Internet is wireless and I sync my PDA via Wifi. When I need to put songs onto my iPod, I just connect the cable to the back of the unit. Sometimes my iSight is plugged in, so at most, I have two cables for the entire unit, which is quite impressive compared to virtually any PC box.

    Where are my speakers? They too are built into the computer, but unlike other built-in speakers, they are actually on the bottom. The sound bounces off from your desk, and is projected to you. Skeptical? Don't be, they actually sound very decent for built-in speakers, and for the normal user, they suit just fine. Don't expect very loud volumes or pumping bass; if you want that, I'd recommend a external speaker set.

    What about design gripes? Theres only one. The bottom area of the front of the system is huge, and makes it unproportional. There are two reasons for this. The power supply is actually installed in the system itself, and takes up more depth then any other component, so it needs the extra room. Also, since the display is widescreen, it cannot entirely fill up the front of the unit. Still, it looks kind of awkward.

    Another gripe is the port placement. All the ports are located on the back right side, in a vertical line. While it looks nice when nothing is plugged in, when you have three or more components plugged into the system, it looks a bit cluttered.

    However, despite these gripes, the iMac G5 is by far the cleanest system I've ever seen. It also manages to be extremely stylish, and while it isn't Apple's best, it rates up there for sure.

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