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    Apple iMac G5 1.6GHz Review
    Author: extremepc
    Date Posted:30/10/2004 19:01.58
    SLRating: SLRating: 9/10
    Bottom Line: The iMac G5 is the latest system from Apple, merging a display and computer in one sleek device. But does it live up to the hype?

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    The iMac G5 comes in three models: a 1.6GHz 17, a 1.8GHz 17, and a 1.8GHz 20. For the purposes of this review and our target audience, we're reviewing the lowest model, the 1.6GHz and 17 display model, which also features a combo DVD/CD-RW drive. The other two models feature a Superdrive instead of the Combo.

    So what else does the system have? There are three USB 2.0 ports, two Firewire 400 ports, VGA optical out, Ethernet, and a 56K modem. Two big problems with this: where's the Firewire 800? Apple is demonstrating how fast Firewire 800 is, yet they don't put it in one of their best selling machines. VGA out is the other issue, it's mirroring only, meaning you can't have dual displays that span, giving you more real estate. As to why Apple would do this, I'm not too sure, probably to reserve this feature for their Pro line. The iBook has the same restriction, but can work with spanning after applying a hack, though I am not sure if the hack supports the iMac G5.

    Specs wise, the 1.6GHz model is iffy. You get 256MB of RAM, a 80GB SATA hard drive, a nVidia 5200 Ultra video card, and a Combo drive. Apple needs to start realizing that 256MB is simply not enough anymore. OS X eats up RAM, and 256MB is completely insufficient for any computer designed for music, photos, and video. 512MB should be standard, and even more should be included on the higher end models. The 5200 Ultra video card is outdated, old, and pretty much useless for games. A 9600 Pro, at least, is in order for the iMac G5, and I expect this will be updated once the second revision comes.

    I also think that Bluetooth should be standard, as should Airport Extreme (802.11g). A system like this is a perfect candidate for both. They can be added to the system, but costs a pretty penny. Internal Bluetooth can only be gotten via built to order, but you can install Airport yourself. A Airport Extreme card will set you back $80, and Bluetooth (internal) costs an additional $40.

    But then you need to look at the price. The lowest iMac G5 costs just $1299. For a 17 LCD, a G5 processor, and a Combo Drive, this is not bad at all. The price point is great, and it's clear that Apple is really targeting the average home consumer.

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