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    Apple iMac G5 1.6GHz Review
    Author: extremepc
    Date Posted:30/10/2004 19:01.58
    SLRating: SLRating: 9/10
    Bottom Line: The iMac G5 is the latest system from Apple, merging a display and computer in one sleek device. But does it live up to the hype?

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    We have decided not to include actual benchmark numbers in this review. The OS X platform, in our opinion, does not have any accurate benchmark utilities, and real-life performance is hard to measure in numbers. However, with 768MB of RAM, OS X felt snappy, and I was able to easily use iMovie, iTunes, iPhoto, Safari, and Adium (AIM() simultaneously with no speed issues. You can tell that the G5 really is quite a snappy processor.

    Final Cut Pro is also quite nice on this system. Of course, it's no comparison to the Power Mac, and if you plan on using a lot of pro apps, such as Final Cut, Shake, Logic, and DVD Studio Pro, I'd really recommend shelling out the extra cash and get the Power Mac, which feature dual processors on 3 out of 4 of their models, which really help out on programs such as the above.

    But, for home use, the iMac G5 is perfect, and even works great with certain pro apps, and you pretty much won't have a problem running any program you throw at it. Gaming is also quite nice. Halo was playable, as was UT2004, on medium graphics settings on the top resolution. It's no gaming system, but that's not the iMac's intention.

    When the system is used with 256MB of RAM, you really don't get the potential of the G5 processor. The system feels sluggish when you have two or more programs open, and it just isn't really a joy to wok with. Apple is really risking it with including such a paltry amount of RAM standard, as the system is almost to the point of being unusable for it's target programs (iLife) with 256MB.

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