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    Apple Powerbook Laptop Review
    Author: Daniel Topler
    Date Posted: October 27th, 2003
    SLRating: SLRating: 9.5/10
    Bottom Line: SLCentral took a look inside the Apple Powerbook 12" laptop, the smallest Apple to date. Our editor was impressed, this fast little machine performs well when the heat is on but what about the side effects? Read on to find out in our official review.......

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    As you can both imagine and see, Apple has done it again, make a stylish computer. When the case is closed, the computer looks mesmerizing. When it is open, it looks even more mesemerizing. Any way you look at it, its a sexy computer.

    When the lid is closed, the computer looks great. The sleek lines make the system look sleek and professional. The Apple logo on the front compliments the entire design. The opening latch is on front, and it has a small light that is illuminated when the computer is on Sleep mode.

    When the lid is opened, it just gets better. The 12" display is bright and crisp, but I should mention that the 15" and 17" screens are flat-out better. The 12" Powerbook uses the same screen as both the iBook and iMac line of computers, which tend to have cheaper parts. The keyboard is a nice silverish color, which goes with the rest of the unit. The track-pad is nice, but I wish there was a two button mouse and not just a one-button. Usually, long-time Mac users like a one-button mouse, and the switchers want a two-button mouse. Being a switcher, I miss two buttons, especially in games.

    The unit's speakers are located near the display, and are not visible when looking at the laptop as you normally would. The power button is just over the eject key, which is on the top-right of the keyboard.

    On the left side of the computer, you will find the power port, a 56K modem port, a Ethernet (not gigabit) port, one Firewire 400 port, 2 USB 1.1 ports, a Apple Mini-DVI port, and two audio ports. I will go through the features of these ports later in this review.

    On the right. you will find a slot-loading CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive. The computer can also be configured with a SuperDrive (aka DVD Burner). In my opinion, this is one of the coolest things about the laptop. The CD is almost sucked into the computer, and it looks and sounds really cool.


    On the bottom, you will find the battery indicator lights. Pressing a small button on the battery will give you the remaining battery life by lighting up LED's. There are five in all, the more lit up, the more charged the battery is.

    I should mention that on the screen portion of the computer, the frame of the LCD has a built-in Airport Extreme antenna, so nothing has to stick out of the unit if you have Airport Extreme (wireless internet).

    There is no question about it, the Apple Powerbook 12" notebook computer is a nice looking system.

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