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  • GeForce V6800 Raw Data
    February 2000
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    The ASUS V6800 is one of the newest DDR boards to hit the consumer market. The price is comparable to much of the other boards with maybe the exception of Creative Lab's Pro board. It uses the reference board like the other boards and comes with no special features. You can find the exact specifications on this card at On with the "Raw Data".

    The Package

    The board comes in a very nice box with everything wrapped tight. But the box is not why we bought the card. In the box you get the following:

    - One GEFORCE DDR Board with 32MB of 6ns Infineon SGRAM.
    - User's Manual.
    - Game Bundle that includes Drakan, Rollcage and a "Gamers Power Pack". The Power Pack has the following listed on it's label EFA Champions League, Michael Owens League Soccer, Klingon Honour Guard, Drakan, Mech Warrior 3, Lander, Worms Armagedon, Rollcage, Rally Championship, Roller Coaster Tycoon, European Air War and Re-volt. I didn't install these however I tend to believe they are demos.
    - ASUS Driver and Utility Diskette.
    - ASUS Live Utility - If you have access to the internet this utility allows you update your boards drivers and BIOS.
    - Acrobat Reader
    - Smart Doctor - Monitors the stock fan speed, voltage, and GPU temperature. If you use this utility and unplug the fan than you will get a warning. This utility can be used successfully with NVIDIA's reference drivers. Smart Doctor Software can be set to turn down the power sent to the GPU when not in use which lowers the temperature.
    - Tweak Utility - Allows you to increase or decrease the default GPU (core) and memory speeds. The default speeds are 120/301Mhz respectively. I was unable to use this utility with NVIDIA's reference drivers.


    Installation was very easy and the instructions for it using the owner's were clearly written. The card is plug and play and my machine immediately detected the hardware. You should remove all previous display drivers prior to installing.


    The motherboard used during testing was a BE6-II and the problem was with the AGP voltage. Running QIIIA with the motherboard's AGP voltage at default 3.3 volts I would get picture anomalies. ASUS website recommends running the 3.62 drivers for QIII due to its OpenGL support. After an installation of the 3.62 drivers I still had the same visual problems in QIIIA. After reading a post, it was recommend that I raised the AGP voltage. The voltage for my AGP slot was raised to 3.6 volts and the problem is fixed. The Smart Doctor Software registered my 3.6 volts at 3.48 volts.

    Heat, Heat, Heat

    Using Asus' Smart Doctor I monitored the temperature of the chip after running 3D MARK 2000. This GPU gets hot! As you will see from my tests the Stock heatsink actually is pretty damn good and I recommend keeping it! As shown below, I replaced the stock heatsink and fan with a custom made heatsink and fan in the hopes of raising the performance. Than I threw on a peltier.

    Warning modifying the card could possibly void your warranty and you do this at your own risk!

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    Author: Michael Ryan
    Company: Asus
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