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    SLCentralArticlesGuides Aug 14th, 2022 - 8:36 AM EST
    RAID: An In-Depth Guide To RAID Technology
    Author: Tom Solinap
    Date Posted: January 24th, 2001
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    So what have we learned here? Well we've learned that RAID is not just a bug spray. RAID is a good solution for companies or individuals craving more transfer performance, redundancy, and storage capacity in their data storage systems. There are many levels of RAID, which range from very simple and cheap to extremely complex and expensive. The benefits of having RAID in your system are obvious, however, RAID is not for everyone. Performance freaks like myself will always like what RAID has to offer, but the price tag of the better RAID implementations is still a hurdle to overcome. I tried to cover as much as I possibly could about what RAID is, it's benefits, and the various implementations. I tried not to focus on any specific company or hardware implementation, but looked at RAID in general. I hope you've enjoyed reading this article and maybe even learned something along the way. This isn't the definitive guide to RAID, but I hope it's helped you understand RAID more.

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    1. Introduction/What Is RAID?
    2. The Array And RAID Controller Concept
    3. Mirroring
    4. Parity
    5. Striping
    6. Levels Of RAID
    7. Combining Levels Of RAID
    8. Benefits
    9. Hardware RAID Implemenations
    10. Conclusion
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