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    SLCentralArticlesArticles Jun 4th, 2020 - 3:57 PM EST
    An Anthropological Look Into The Case Modders Domain
    Author: Mike Kitchenman
    Date Posted: December 6th, 2001
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    Echo42 A.K.A. Josh Fohrman
    Age: 19
    Occupation: Owner of OverClockers Intelligence Agency, IT Support Agent and Student

    What do you think a case modder is?

    A case modder is me :) Its any person who changes or modifies their case on purpose with the intent to make it look or perform better.

    Why do you case mod?

    I Case mod because i can. Its a fun hobby, distincts me from others, and its like an extension of me. Its my art form.

    What do you get out of the case modding experience?

    I get a lot of good friends out of the case modding experience. Along with the friends, its something unique to me. I enjoy looking at my case and coming up with new ideas...inventing new things more or less. K, maybe less, but lets not worry or focus on that. The point is, I get to do new shit no one's done before and impress people/

    How do you think when people look at your work?

    The other case modders look at it in reverence. Or not. They look at it as an application of the communal ideas with some new things to it. As far as I know im the only one with wood contact paper on my case ;) as far as "outside" people, most of them think it looks really cool and more than 1 have gotten dragged into case modding after seeing it.

    How do you feel when people judge your work:


    Yea, i think so. 9 times outta 10 others judge it and say good things. And I am always confident and happy with my work. I did it to the way I like it, so to me it will always be great, not matter what anyone else says.

    Add any other random comments, concerns, rants, etc. here.

    Only real rant is some major ass ran around forums flaming everyone, was never helpful, and just a general pain! He got banned a couple times, changed his name to some fad thing, and was a real loser :-P Too many freaks like him running around.

    [Authors note: Echo is making a cheap shot at me with this mini-rant.]

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