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    SLCentralArticlesArticles Jun 6th, 2020 - 12:26 AM EST
    SLHouse: An Inside Look
    Author: David Pitlyuk
    Date Posted: December 28th, 2001


    A few of forum readers asked us to do an article on the SLHouse, so here it is:

    The Pictures

    This is the front of our house, we are attached to our neighbors on one side, but they are fine because they are students in the same school, so our loudness doesn't bother them :)

    As you walk into the house you see the lving room which has two couches and a cofee table. You can see the reminisce of Ryan's popcorn that he eats 24 hours a day.

    And now the other side of the living room where you can see our car models and our cool black light that makes the windows purple.

    Now the last side of the living room where you see the entertainment center. After going 2 months without cable, we finally got Satellite TV, now we actually know what's going on in the world. Aside from the that, we have the Terapin Video CD Recorder and some audio stuff as well as a DVD player. In the shelf on the bottom is the Dreamcast and N64. A must have for college students.

    Into the kitchen we go, where we see our table which is held up by a filing cabinet. We got all those blue chairs in a yard sale for $5, great deal huh? We threw a party for Ryans birthday the night before hence the pong table that's setup in the back.

    Here's the other side of the kitchen.

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