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    SLCentralArticlesArticles Jan 19th, 2019 - 4:22 AM EST
    Tablet PC: An Overview
    Author: Harish Raju
    Date Posted: December 11th, 2001

    Features Of The Tablet PC

    Stylus/Pen Interfaces to Windows and other operating systems has been around for quite some time. But, unlike 'Pen Computers' where the user had to learn a cryptic sign language and a virtually nonexistent user interface, the Tablet PC, allows users to literally write on the screen in a variety of modes, capturing the "ink" as its own data type. Users can take notes using the Tablet PC's Journal utility; write e-mail in Outlook using "ink" instead of text; annotate Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and a variety of other documents; or read electronically.

    Developments in the Key Foundational Technologies, including Longer Battery Life, Better Display Resolution and Cheap Memory has made this technology an affordable productivity tool.

    Another Important aspect of the Tablet PC will be the User Interface. Microsoft hopes to build a complete user Experience rather than just a Pen/Stylus interface to the operating system. Microsoft hopes to optimize the Hardware, Software, Bios, as well as the interactions of all these elements from a Customer's Perspective.

    The added component of wireless communications and infrastructure makes mobility a key element in all computing scenarios, with the Tablet PC providing new mobile functionality to corporate computing. Though not confirmed, the Tablet PC will feature a 802.11 RF Wireless Network Capabilities.

    Chris Taylor of Time.Com did a test drive on one of the Acer Tablet PCs and he seemed to be satisfied with the User Interface of the Tablet PC but also suggested areas for improvement. The Journal Application is probably the most popular application right now. The Journal turns handwritten cursive or block letters into editable text very efficiently.

    PC world talks about other Tablet PC applications, such as extensions to the Outlook e-mail and Windows Messenger instant messaging programs. The applications will accept and display handwritten text when you use a Tablet PC without a keyboard. Microsoft also plans to adapt Office XP to work with Tablet PCs. Other software developers are crafting Tablet PC products as well. Groove Networks, which makes Web-savvy collaboration software, has announced support for Microsoft's Tablet PC OS. (Microsoft

    I believe that people will Accept the Tablet PC idea of the stylus as an interface. Although mainstream users may not abandon keyboards immediately, People are getting more comfortable with using a pen interface. Because of that and the growth in PDA use, the Tablet as a form factor is more accessible to people now than it would have been three or four years ago. For the concept to be successful, customers have to feel they're gaining functionality, not giving up functionality. They expect functionality comparable to what they get with a notebook or their desktop PC. The Tablet PC hopes to provide that level of performance, which is more than what people need in most mobile situations.

    Tablet PC Specs

    Microsoft and Their Partners have not released the exact specs of the Tablet PC but here is a preview of what to expect.

    • CPU: Low Powered CPU. Eg. Transmeta Crusoe Processor, Intel Mobile Pentium 3 / 4
    • Network: Wireless Connectivity through 802.11
    • RAM: Atleast 128 MB onboard
    • Input: Stylus Pen using Advanced Hand Writing Recognition Software
    • Weight: Around 3 to 5 lbs
    • OS: Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
    • Applications: Adobe Systems, Corel Corporations, Groove Networks, Micriosoft Office, among others are developing customized applications like, Internet browsing, Email, Downloading MP3s, Playing games, and Multimedia audio/video, PIM apps (Calendar, Calculator, Note, Alarm Clock, Address Book, TODO List).
    • Availability: Second Half of 2002
    • Pricing: Priced Competitively along with Standard Full Function PC's.

    List of Partners

    Computer manufacturers: Acer Inc., Compaq Computer Corp., Fujitsu PC Corp., Toshiba America Information Systems, FIC, NEC Corporation, PAD Products Inc., Tatung Company, ViewSonic Corp.
    Application developers: Adobe Systems Incorporated, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc., Amicore, Autodesk Inc., Corel Corporation, Groove Networks, LexisNexis, Zinio Systems Inc., Office XP, Visio®.
    Microprocessor companies: Intel Corp. and Transmeta Corp , VIA Technologies Inc.
    Component companies: FinePoint Innovations Inc., Phoenix Technologies, Silicon Motion Inc., Silver Cloud Manufacturing Co., Wacom Technology Co., ATI Technologies Inc., E-Pen InMotion Inc.
    Design and Manufacturing: Flextronics Design.

    >> Other Tablet PCs

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