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    SLCentralArticlesArticles Jun 5th, 2020 - 10:00 PM EST
    2001 SLCentral Gaming Awards
    Author: Aaron Dahlen
    Date Posted: January 15th, 2002


    It's a pleasure for me to introduce you to the first annual SLCentral Gaming Awards. These are our top picks for PC gaming in each of the major genres, in addition to the SLCentral Game of the Year honor we bestow. Generally, gaming on the PC in 2001 was a lot less about innovation and more about perfecting what was already excellent. We were reminded of how much more shooters can be than just a gun barrel and some ejecting brass. And surprisingly, despite the undeniable impact of multiplayer gaming, the best titles of 2001 relied on a fantastic single player experience.

    While console fanatics surrounded their television sets with PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube controllers in hand this holiday season, PC gamers rejoiced with their brand new Athlon XP processors and GeForce3 Titanium video cards. After all, any game experienced at 20fps is worth experiencing again at 60fps. Still, masterpieces such as Grand Theft Auto 3 for the PS2 and Halo for the Xbox stole the spotlight in the latter part of 2001.

    So, what will the 2002 Gaming Awards probably look like? Well, contenders will include Unreal 2, WarCraft III, Halo, Duke Nukem Forever, Neverwinter Nights, and more, but that's another 365 days way. Here we go with the action, simulation, sports, strategy, multiplayer, and RPG games that defined 2001. Don't forget to look for your chance to vote and share your opinions.

    2001 Action Game of the Year


    Max Payne
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    Featuring a story that was laid out in a comic book format, Max Payne gave you reason to fill hundreds of goons with lead. Not only that, but the Bullet Time concept and superb graphics created a very fun atmosphere, even if it was short-lived.

    Return to Castle Wolfenstein
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    Its basis on the Quake III Engine helped it graphically and technologically, but Return to Castle Wolfenstein's multiplayer is absolutely fabulous on its own. Play different roles, with the Axis or the Allies. Single player maps and storyline are excellent as well.

    Aliens vs. Predator 2
    >> Check lowest price
    Excellent single player campaigns for each of three races coupled with exciting multiplayer action make this an appealing sequel to the original Aliens vs. Predator which developed quite a following on its own.

    Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis
    >> Check lowest price
    Equipped with powerful, yet realistic, weaponry, the action-packed gameplay of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis will teach you the perils of war. While there is multiplayer, great single player AI for the other members of your squad won't hold you back.


    Aliens vs. Predator 2
    >> Check lowest price
    The gameplay makes drastic changes depending on which race you select and you find yourself rooting for all three of them simultaneously. Level design really brings out your excitement and your fear, all executed by the advanced LithTech engine.

    >> Simulation Game Of The Year

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