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    SLCentralArticlesArticles May 30th, 2020 - 1:24 PM EST
    Arx Fatalis Preview
    Author: Drew Lanclos
    Date Posted: March 2nd, 2002


    Arx Fatalis' roots come from the Ultima Underworld series, which was developed right around the same time as Doom. Comparing the 3D engines, Underworld was capable of much more complex geometry than Doom was, but Underworld had to be displayed in a window for it to run efficiently on a then-powerful 486. UW, like many other follow-up games by Looking Glass studios (R.I.P.), was very versatile in how you could solve your problems. You could take the world on by force, negotiate your way through problems, or just be a cunning sneak.

    Arx Fatalis looks like it will be no exception. Though the demo only offers you limited use of your character skills and abilities, the full version will allow you to play your character in a role that fits you. As Fishtank advertises, one of their primary objectives with Arx Fatalis was to ensure that you could play the game without feeling bound by the game's constraints.

    Are you a little low on cash? Go find someone sufficiently far from a town and knock 'em over for his loot. You see a pig over there? Are you hungry? Kill the pig and roast its ribs over the fire for some healthy chow. Arx Fatalis goes a long way of preserving the adventuring feel originally portrayed in Ultima Underworld.

    The background story presented thus far in Arx Fatalis is not unlike that of Ultima Underworld - Your character finds himself trapped in the underground labyrinthine kingdom known as Arx. He has no idea what transported him there, nor does he have any memory of his own identity or that of others. Presumably, the plot will orient around your character trying to restore the world of Arx back to its former self, by somehow eradicating the evil which is sweeping the land, and may well be the cause of the obscuring of the sun, which has since caused the surface of the planet to freeze into a barren wasteland.

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