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  • Interview With Kyle Bennett Of HardOCP
    October 1999
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    SL: Tell us a little bit about yourself (Age, Location, etc.)

    HardOCP: Kyle Bennett, born 10.12.67, living in Dallas, Texas. Married to a Coon Ass girl (that is slang for the Cajuns from South Louisiana) for 1 year, no kids (yet). Born and raised in Houston, Texas. Went to college and graduated with a degree in Law Enforcement and Police Science, then decided I did NOT want to be shot at for a living…

    SL: What exactly got you started working on HardOCP?

    HardOCP: Well, I will give you the short version… We originally posted the "Unreal Framerate Page" with a Celeron 266 running at 448MHz. We got a lot of attention primarily due to Billy at Voodoo Extreme and Stephen at Blue’s News picking the link up almost immediately. Honestly the intense traffic kept wanting me to make it better just see how many people we could get to show up in a day. It was kinda like a personal contest that fueled my fat ego but most of all it is fun. We have changed names and servers a few times since then but the overall theme of the page has really stayed the same. We have toned it down a bit in the last six months. I guess some of OUR HUMOR was a bit over the top, but I like to keep it lively. We were described as an "Edutainment" site by a reader and that is how I have looked at it every since. Come by the HardOCP, have a laugh, get some info, and move on. Overall though, overclock it and they will come… Oh yeah, OCP stands for Overclockers Comparison Page. I get asked that all the time.

    SL: How long do you spend working on HardOCP a week?

    HardOCP: Jeez, I have been loafing a bit lately and not being quite as active, I just needed a damn break after a full year and a half of banging it out every single day…. To answer your question I would say conservatively I spend 30 to 40 hours per week on the HardOCP. I don’t know if everyone realizes this, but I make an attempt to answer EVERY (unless your rude ass have been filtered) email we get, even if it is to just say "thanks". That alone and the news can eat up three hours a day.

    SL: How many people do you have working for HardOCP?

    HardOCP: Really it is just me "working" for the HardOCP, but we have a new guy "Gadfly" that is helping us with a bunch of SMP stuff getting us ready to really get into Win2K when it goes public. Otherwise, we use reader submissions all the time if they are entertaining or have some kind of value to them. But, really I am the only one responsible to making sure things happen on a daily basis.

    SL: Who designed HardOCP, and what sort of technologies did they/you use?

    HardOCP: Our original page design was by David Gregory. Jerry "PoliSh" Wolski just did our rework a couple months ago. He used a little Flash but we kept the design very basic. I wanted it to look professional, but not a bunch of eye-candy to distract folks. Ease of navigation and organization were our two main goals on the rework that Jerry did. I really like the current layout and we will probably stick with it for a while.

    SL: Who are your influences in life and why?

    HardOCP: Hmmm, tough one. I did not really have any heroes that were high profile in my life growing up beside people in my family. My grandparents on my father’s side were extremely important and instilled a good work ethic in me. They were simply the hardest working people I ever saw in my life. My parents (hi! Mom) were really the people that molded me. They let me make my mistakes then helped me out, but they made me be responsible for the mistakes. I guess I have finally learned…maybe…

    SL: When did you realize HardOCP was a winner?

    HardOCP: Well, I still don’t know if it is a "winner". I know a lot of people have fun with it, surely I do. It sometimes scares me to know that so many people take stock in what I say. It really makes me feel as though I have a responsibility to every person that reads the page. That is one of the reasons we take that honest, in your face approach. That way nobody leaves unclear of what I was trying to say. Sorry to get off the subject…

    SL: What are some of your future plans for HardOCP, new features, etc?

    HardOCP: Got a couple of long term deals we are looking at but they are not exactly HardOCP plans. I have a dream of putting together a site that will let all the "little" hardware sites get the publicity of the "big" ones. We are not real far from making this happen. As for REAL HardOCP plans, I have no idea what the hell we are going to be doing from one day to the next. Gotta love that "fly by the seat of your pants" approach, especially if you don’t like to plan stuff.

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