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  • Comdex 99 Summary
    November 1999
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    Now that Comdex has come and gone, a flood of information has emerged online. If you were unable to attend, you've no doubt read a lot of reports already. However, it's hard to separate the relevant stuff when all this information is thrown at you all at once. Since there are so many announcements and companies at Comdex, I couldn't list them all here. Instead, I've compiled some of the more interesting Comdex product announcements. Everything is in alphabetical order for more convenience.

    3dfx Announcement

    If you haven't heard yet, 3dfx has announced it's new chip, still based on Voodoo technology, at Comdex, the VSA-100. They also announced new products that will utilizing this new chip, the Voodoo 4, Voodoo 5, and Quantum3D AAlchemy. As I have already done a preview on these products and the chip technology as well, there is no sense in repeating myself here. Check out the preview here.

    New Abit Graphics Cards and Mainboards

    Abit announced the introduction of the Siluro family of graphics cards based on nVidia's TNT 2 and GeForce256 chips. What you say? Abit making graphics cards??!! Well, this is apparently part of Abit's new direction. The first products in the Siluro family includes, the GT2 Ultra, GT2V, and GT2, which are based on the TNT 2. The GF256 will is the GeForce based card.

    As for motherboards, Abit has got some new Intel i820 based boards, the CH6 and CX6. Both boards support AGP 4x, 100/133 Mhz FSB, ATA/66, 5 PCI slots and 1AMR slot, as well as on board sound. The CX6 supports 2 RIMM sockets for a maximum of 1 GB of RAMbus memory, and it also has Soft Menu II to change those FSB settings with ease. The CH6 has 3 DIMM slots which supports up to 1 GB of SDRAM. Abit knows there will be an issue with memory, so they have two boards which are basically the same except for the memory. This will allow customers to have more of a choice and actually get what they are looking for.

    AOpen i820 Motherboards

    AOpen showed off their new mobos based on the i820 chipset, the AX6C and AX6C-L. Both motherboards have 133 Mhz FSB support, AGP 4X, RAMbus memory support, AC-97 2.1 audio on-board, and a Audio/Modem Riser slot. AOpen didn't forget us overlockers either, and have added support to pump up the FSB to 160 Mhz. Very nice indeed.

    ATI Rage Fury MAXX

    ATI's new Rage Fury MAXX board was present and accounted for. The MAXX technology behind this card is similar to 3dfx's SLI, where two chips on a single card work in parallel to process all the graphics. The difference is that ATI's design is limited to only two chips. ATI also showcased it's Rage Mobility 128 chip for notebook computers.


    Elsa has announced a new addition to it's line of 3D Revelator glasses. Even though the name hasn't changed, there are new features added to this version. One of the more notable one is the optimization for transform and lighting features that some video cards support. As for everything else, the glasses are basically going to be the same setup as the previous ones.

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