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Confused call of duty demo HELP!!!

ok i heard from like everyone (pc gamer 93%!!!) that this game is wicked awsome, so i installed the dawnville demo from my pc gamer disc. When i opened it, it would show the little CALL OF DUTY thing change my resolution. Then, a window pops up saying that call of duty has encounteered an error and needes to close. I know it's not the pc gamer or dawnville thing--i downloaded the burnville demo and it did the same. i downloaded dawnville multiple times. I even tried disabling my mcaffe firewall/virusscan. the same thing happened. i reinstalled the demos multiple times--no use. does anyone have the same problem? HELLLPPP!!!
fyi, my comp goes as follows:
amd athlon xp 1700+
ecs elitegroup k7s5a pro mainboard
256 mb ddr pc 2100 ram
xtasy radeon 9100 128mb agp 4x

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