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I also found this to be a thorough review of a power supply, I currently have a TTGI PNP-600-4F 600watt 4 fan PSU on order and in route. I was curious of your thoughts on this particular model and was wondering if perhaps you'd be possibly considering reviewing this particular PSU. Here's where I ordered it from.
P4 3.4Ghz 64bit O/C'd to 4.1Ghz
2x1024 Corsair PC 3200 XMS
250gig WD 7200rpm 8mb cache
Liteon DVD rom & Sony DVD-RW
Digital Doc 5
5 x 80mm L.E.D Fans
1 x Vantec Spectrum PCI Dual L.E.D Fan
1 x Swifttech Northbridge Cooler
1 x Thermaltake Big Water Cooling Kit
6 x 12'' UV Blacklight Cold Cathodes