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    Old 08-09-06, 10:23 AM
    maydella maydella is offline
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    Question Mortal Kombat Scorpion a spectre?

    Can anyone tell me if Scorpion of Mortal Kombat is a spectre(an entity of unknown origin or space. ) or a human being. My buddy bet me $40 that he was a zombie but I told him that zombies don't bleed and they move slowly. If you will notice in all horror movies the zombies wait until you tire from running then they eat you. Scorpion moves with the speed of light when he does his leg sweep and throwing the harpoon. My buddy (what an idiot ) bet me another $20 that Scorpion don't have eyes. When we played Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance I showed him during the mission stage that the iris in his EYES are silver. There is no heat detection sense, Daredevil is not on this game. Oh, also Barry (a.k.a. my buddy) who might be broke by now since I have most of his summer job pay check bets me another $25 that Scorpion died three times and I said he died twice Quan chi did not kill him when he killed his family. He left him to die beside his wife and daughter. This was before he was Scorpion of course a genetically enhanced super ninja. Which one of us is broke for school clothes and which is going to the mall?
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