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    Old 04-16-01, 11:41 AM
    sheng121978 sheng121978 is offline
    Registered User
    Join Date: Apr 2001
    Location: Santa Barbara
    Posts: 1
    sheng121978 is off the scale
    Send a message via ICQ to sheng121978

    AT Case 3 5.25 bays 2 3.5 bays $16

    AT Power Supply 230 Watt $12

    Intel Pentium II 233 MMX $23

    Soltek SL-61B 440 LX Motherboard (AT and ATX connectors)$23

    64 MEGS of PC66 $22

    24X CDROM $19

    Generic Speakers w/ 9 Volt Adapter $8

    Generic 104 Key Keyboard (AT and PS/2 connector)$10

    Logitech 2 button Serial Mouse $3

    ISA Modem 56K V90 $15

    ISA Sound Card (ESS 1869) $12

    * all prices do no include shipping
    * buy everything on the list for $155
    what was that?
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