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    Old 08-18-03, 06:07 PM
    djex djex is offline
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    Default Motorola T720 WAP issues

    I've been trying to get some ringtones for my Motorola T720, but I get an error every time i try to select a ringtone. I get error 406: not acceptable/invalid content type. I've tried all the links on and none work. I can't get to the MMF site, it says that I'm not authorized. I am on Verizon wireless. Any suggestions?

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    Old 08-18-03, 06:21 PM
    extremepc's Avatar
    extremepc extremepc is offline
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    You seem like a nice and polite guy and all, but is it really necessary to post a new thread for this? It really irks me...

    The problem is that Verizon Wirleess wont let you download ring tones or games, or the like from any site besides Verizons Get It Now. You're out of luck.
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    Old 08-19-03, 02:22 PM
    Leht Samson's Avatar
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    Thats not totally true Dan :-p On my phone, I'm not sure if it is for all phones like mine (picture phone/poly. ringtones) but I can send myself ringtones....I haven't tryed anything with games or anything like that (sending pictures to myself works too). if you do have a picture phone or you can send yourself stuff that might be worth a try. Even though I haven't tryed it, I'm pretty sure you can send yourself games.

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