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    Old 03-20-05, 04:19 AM
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    Default Ultra X-Connect 500W Titanium PSU Review

    Post your comments and questions on the Ultra X-Connect 500W Titanium PSU review.
    SLCentral does it better

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    Old 04-08-05, 04:49 AM
    jonnyGURU's Avatar
    jonnyGURU jonnyGURU is offline Staff Member
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    I got the following via email. It seems to be a common misconception so I'm posting it here in the forums:

    From sender:
    Recently I had to buy a new PSU, so I did quite some research on Powmax. And I actually found out that the highly appraised Ultra X-connect/X-finity PSUs on your website are actually manufactured by Powmax! Please visit, and you can easily find proofs. Ultra products is just a U.S. Company that sells re-tagged OEM parts.

    Here, the strange thing I found is, Ultra X-connect 500W appears to be a very decent 500W PSU, but Demon 580W is performing rather disappointed. I have compared the screenshots on your reviews which had both PSU gutted showing their contents inside. I found them looked similar from distance (as I was not able to read all the part number/ specs from the pictures). Not to mention, on Powmax website, the Demon series is labeled as gaming PSUs; and that should indicate the Demon 580W should take quite some load. I am rather confused at the moment, since I had actually bought the Demon 580W, and based on your review I decided to put it on my bookshelf until things get cleared up a bit.

    In addition, your Ultra X 600W PSU review indicates its one of the top PSU currently available. It has a rather unique design of stacking two 300W units together to generate a total of 600W output. If you look at Powmax website, you will find a rather interesting older design 600W PSU produced by them labeled as 300+300W internal redundant PSU, and the total output is 600W! This PSU is selling at for around $45. I am very curious to see if you can review this PSU and maybe we can find some connection between this so called patented 300+300W redundant design and the new Ultra X 600W. After all, if the redundant 300+300W performed same as the Ultra X 600W, for its price, its definitely a steal!

    My response:
    Thanks for the nice remarks, but...

    Ultra power supplies are not made by Powmax. They NEVER have been made by Powmax... Ever. I know Powmax sells them on their website, but it's naive to assume that Powmax must make them because of this.

    My best guess is that Leadman, the power supply manufacturer behind Powmax, was simply incapable of building a power supply of the same caliber as the Ultra for less or same money, or did not want to infringe on Ultra's China and Taiwan patents on modular power supplies (Leadman is Taiwan based, therefore subject to Tawian and China patent laws.) Whatever the case may be, Leadman does not make a modular power supply. Ultra does. Powmax sells the Ultra to fill a market niche for their customers. End of story.

    First, as I stated in my review, the Powmax is made by Leadman. The Ultra X-Connect is made by Wintech and the Ultra X-Finity is made by Youngyear.

    Second, they're not even the same MARKETING companies. Like I said, Powmax is the US division of Leadman. Ultra is the samecompnay that was a white-box PC division Midwest-Micro. The X-Connect was born when a need arose for a modular power supply when they were designing their latest gaming rig. None were available, so they decided to seek out making their own.

    The Ulta's you see on Powmax are merely available through Powmax as another means of distribution for their existing customers. For example; the reseller I work for uses SED. The sell Ultra. Some companies already use Powmax as a source for power supplies, so instead of opening a new account with SED or Bell Micro, they can buy the product from Powmax.

    Ultra had actually pointed out to Powmax that their marketing efforts made it seem that Ultra power supplies are made by Powmax's parent company Leadman. This is what prompted this line on each Ultra product on Powmax's website: "ULTRA X-CONNECT SERIES POWER SUPPLIES ARE MANUFACTURED BY ULTRA PRODUCTS INC."

    Do NOT buy that 300+300W power supply under the assumption that it is the same as the Ultra. I can't confirm that it's not an actual "Ultra" unit, but if it doesn't say "Ultra" on Powmax's website, you will most likely be wrong and very disappointed.

    I realized I didn't touch on this comment:

    I have compared the screenshots on your reviews which had both PSU gutted showing their contents inside. I found them looked similar from distance (as I was not able to read all the part number/ specs from the pictures).

    It's hard to address this without sounding insulting, but you don't need to know the markings of the components to realize that they are not built the same. The housings are roughly the same size. That said, if you look at the two inside shots side by side, you'll find that the caps on the AC side of the PSU are smaller, the transformer is small, the rectifiers are smaller, the heatsinks are half the size and thickness and there are fewer voltage regulators! Just look at the components in relation to the fan in the back of the PSU. The ingredients of the Powmax don't even make their way to the height of the hub of the fan! On the X-Connect, the main transformer alone is as tall as the hub of the fan! Same? Come on, man.
    Hey. What kind of party is this? There's no booze and only one hooker. -- Bender (Futurama)
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    Old 04-11-05, 01:28 PM
    No Tact No Tact is offline
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    Great review. I bought one of these last month. I like it. It got rid of some cable clutter, it looks nice and pimpin like you say. Only problem with it is the stiff cables and it is on the warm side.

    I'll refer people here just on the PSU reviews alone.
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