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MoeKeyesL 08-23-03 12:14 PM

Information on Westwood

MoeKeyesL 08-23-03 12:16 PM

Sorry about my last post i wasn't really sure what I was doing but anyways i heard that there was supposed to be a Renegade 2 that would have been based on red alert but it was cancelled when it was 80% done.

Afom 12-16-03 11:22 AM

I dont know anything. Maybe they make c&c 3 :)

FeuerKuh 07-11-04 05:22 PM

EA Games has bought out/taken over westwood. The westwood site isnt even worth keeping up, and now thier games have the bugs that EA always forgets to take out.

Westwood was a good company :(

extremepc 07-11-04 05:31 PM

Damn shame.

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