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    Old 08-22-01, 10:14 AM
    Adler Adler is offline
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    Question problem with overclocking/cooling

    trouble is the noise drives me nuts, anyone find good ways to reduce noise?
    gaming rig: beowolf cluster of 3 toastmaster RX-45 toaster ovens
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    Old 08-22-01, 10:24 AM
    Paul's Avatar
    Paul Paul is offline
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    I believe Sunon and Taisol (mike, correct me if I'm wrong) tend to be the quieter types of fans. Of course, you'll sacrifice a little bit of air movement over something like a Delta, but the noise is considerably lower.

    Noise is why a lot of people move towards water cooling...not that I am recommending that.

    I guess keeping the case airflow clear, and strategic placement of fans, and the use of top-notch thermal interface materials is the best I can offer for advice. I'm sure others will know more
    A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems -- P. Erdos
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    Old 08-22-01, 05:01 PM
    rstarr's Avatar
    rstarr rstarr is offline
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    Like Paul said...There is noway to reduce noise unless you reduce fan size and that would equal higher temps.

    Ensuring good airflow is key to a cooler system. Again, what Paul said.

    I got some of the new rounded ATA 100 cables, and made sure I had a good fan in the front and back of the PC. Make sure your front fan is blowing in and your back fan is blowing out. This will
    help alot on airflow. The cables help to, because they don't restrict airflow as badly as the wide cables. Also a blow hole
    out the top of the pc can reduce inside case temps by 2 or 3 degrees. Heat rises and will collect at the top of the case.
    A blowhole will get rid of that "trapped" heat.

    Once your happy with the fan placement and the temps go down, then try to replace the high speed noisy fans with a lower speed quieter fan.

    Also one other trick. Place the Case below your desk to help deadin the noise level.
    Serious Soldier

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    Old 08-24-01, 09:56 AM
    jTek99's Avatar
    jTek99 jTek99 is offline
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    Ok, Guys your gonna think I'm nuts but I have done this on a few of my own systems that were louder than a glasspack muffler.
    Its called Dynamat. It is a sound dampening material used on automobiles that compete in sound contests. The material is applied on door panels, trunk panels, underhoods etc. to keep the noise IN the car. When these contests are judged the recording device is put IN the car, not the outside. So I said to myself, self- will this work on my computer?
    So I went and purchased some Dynamat, just enough to cover the side panel I take on and off. (By the way, if you put this on both sides of your case you will be adding ALOT of weight)
    Installed the dynamat (which is like a really thick, tarry silly putty with one side that is very, very sticky) and cranked up the machine.
    E-Gods!!! Man that puppy got quiet...I would say my DB level dropeed about 20DB's (like I said my case was really, really loud, you can ask jonnyguru about the noise level)
    The draw backs are this, dynamat is kind of expensive. About 40bucks for each side of the case. It makes your case about 15-20lbs heavier (so if you have to walk aways for your lan parts your in deep shit)
    And the installation is a little bit of a pain. The material is kinda stiff and hard to work with sometimes.
    Other than that the stuff is awesome. I have a swiftech Mc462A heatsink and fan, 3, 60mm case fans, 2 80mm case fans, and 1 120mm case fan, so you can guess how loud it was..
    "There are two paths you can go by, but in the long run, there's still time to change the road your on"

    Athlon XP2200
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    Gainward CardXpert Geforce3 3.8ns
    S.Blaster Audigy
    Klipsch Promedia 5.1
    (2)80GB ATA133 W.Digital 7200rpm
    in RAID 0
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    Old 08-24-01, 11:14 AM
    Tom's Avatar
    Tom Tom is offline Staff
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    hehehe actually I've been thinking of doing this for the last couple years now but dynomat is so expensive... if I had the extra cash I'd do it... I've heard people putting their cases in foam and putting dynamat all over the place... to me it's overkill and I've gotten used to the noise hehehe
    __________________ - Editor

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