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    Old 07-22-02, 07:36 PM
    AlphaFox AlphaFox is offline
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    Confused eVideo e-GeForce4 4200 issues

    got this card a few days ago. it is doing funky things... 1st, I had my 1.4 Thunderbird clocked at 1.46 with a Geforce2 GTS and never had any issues. also had 512DDR 2.5 set to cas 2 fine, no problems. now with this new card I cannot have anything tweaked, have to leave it all stock clocks.. next, it seems like when I enable the Quincunx AA in certian games the whole system reboots. with the system tweaked at 1.46 I cant even play a game for more than like 3 seconds, just reboots. with it stock, I can play most games, but only with AA disabled. it seems to be older games it has issues with too, motocross madness II and NFS Porsche unleashed reboot if AA is enabled, but not with it off. Warcraft III seems to be fine most of the time with AA enabled.. its verry odd, the card seems to run really hot as well. not sure if I should return it for another one or not. has anyone else had issues with AA in older games or is it just me? Id think it should work all the time, and definaltey not reboot like that.
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