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    Old 10-03-02, 03:54 PM
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    Default IBM Thinkpad display problems

    Hi, I've got a laptop here that belongs to a friend of mine. It's got a bit of a problem. The screen doesn't come on. It's an IBM Thinkpad 365CSD (Part Number: 2625W14). The power comes on, and it seems to think for just a bit (5 seconds maybe, then stops), but nothing appears on the screen. I tried an external display and that wouldn't work either. I was just looking arond at the thing and it says only to use with AC Adaptor model 85G6670. Well, this AC apaptor my friend gave me has a model number of 85G6695. Would an incorrect voltage from the power supply blow out the monitor? Help me out here guys. I know nothing about laptops. If anyone's got a manual or specific directions on how to pry this puppy open and what to look for that'd be great. Thanks in advance.
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