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    Old 05-09-05, 11:24 AM
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    Default AMD Athlon 64 X2 (Dual Core) reviews

    For reviews of AMD’s stab at dual core processors head over to HEXUS, AMDZone and Techwarelabs for their reviews of these speed demons.

    "The key things to take from today's look at the 4800+ is that it's generally no slower, but generally no faster either, than an FX-53 in single-threaded tests, yet it'll cost you a fair bit more. I hope it's obvious that a dual-core processors benefits lie elsewhere, with multi-threaded applications and real-world operating system usage. Think HyperThreading."

    More from HEXUS

    "At that point Intel indicated that multi-core was the future, and MHz no longer got the focus. At CES we heard much of the same about dual core, and then it was fairly quiet other than rumored roadmap and product launch changes for both AMD and Intel. Then came the editors day at AMD where dual core Opteron and dual core Athlon was covered, and Intel surely had gotten win as in less than a week a handful of dual core P4 samples where sent to reviewers. AMD's dual core Opteron quickly followed, and then AMD brought the Athlon 64 X2 reviews up to today. Clearly there was a lot movement going on behind the scenes, and as of now you can only buy dual core Opterons out of all the products, and availability is limited. AMD points to tremendous demand for dual core Opteron for the lack of chips that are not promised to server vendors."

    More from AMDZone

    "AMD and Intel have taken two different approaches to bringing dual core processors to its consumers. Intel's approach was to take two of its sucessful P4 processors and marry them together by creating the bus and pipelines to allow communication. AMD's approach began at the birth of the AMD 64. AMD designed its 64 bit processor from inception with dual cores in mind."

    More from Techwarelabs

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