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    Old 03-17-08, 06:21 AM
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    Default Businesses For Sale

    SLCentral owners launch Business Route, specialising in Businesses for Sale.

    Business Route set to become the UKs leading on-line destination, for buying and Selling a Business. After launching recently and offering the UK business market some ground-breaking features.

    Launched by Symbios Group, owners and operators of SLCentral the website matches buyers and sellers of businesses more professionally, making time wasted on lead generation a thing of the past.

    Business leads are also enhanced by offering networking tools, enhanced search and a reporting analytics, all of which are available readily from Business Rooute.

    SLCentral users and the entire UK Business market can now benefit from this brand new business website, utilising these new features to maximise business opportunities and networking potential on-line.

    Free to use, those interested in listing a business for sale on Business Route can simply sign up for account on-line, recording their key information, such a turnover, profit and loss, and the size of the business to help buyers reach them more effectively.

    Pictures and images to support the directory listing can also be included for free, making it more appealing to a buyer who might be interested in making an enquiry regarding buying a listed business in a particular region or by a particular category.

    The company are also working on new features for the website which will in due course allow agents, business consultants and business brokers to upgrade to a business premium account. This account offers a number of advantages over a standard registration account, such as the ability to enhance searches, meet sellers directly via networking events, and eventually browse buyers and sellers through a mobile device.

    By simply registering your business, you can reach thousands of buyers, or those who may be searching for the next business opportunity. No need to conduct negotiations directly through a business consultant, we connect you directly to the UKs leading business brokers, and business owners.

    Through the on-site tracking functions available to all users, business users can track statistics to reveal how many individuals have viewed a page or enquired about a particular business that they may own or operate.

    There are some useful business articles available on Business route, that are extremely useful tools to users when researching the market, they offer impartial advice on anything from a business loan, business banking, business insurance, business finance, or other important factors when starting up or running a business.

    Business route covers all commercial markets too, including Agriculture, Engineering, Leisure, Retail, Licensed trade and Commercial property, and if you are a business consultant, you will find that Business Route will help you find individuals looking for advice.

    If you are a home based business perhaps looking to expand, or simply dream of running your a business then Business Route offer a wealth of information and resources in helping individual search for that dream businesses.

    For more information or to register your business visit
    SLCentral does it better

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    Old 12-11-08, 10:31 AM
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    Default And again about own online business

    HiMay be I am created topic not in right directory. I am search, but not choose right category.I am woman, who had own restaraunt business in Paris. But after deforced with my husband I am leave all this business to him.Now I am search new business ideas. But I am wish to create a internet (online) business . Because seems it become more popular each year.I am want to ask what troubles I can have by creating my own internet business? How money I am need and what ideas?Thank you to all who answered to me.

    Last edited by stevecentral : 12-11-08 at 11:42 AM.

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