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    Hundred Swords
    Author: Drew Lanclos
    Date Posted: March 22nd, 2002
    SLRating: SLRating: 7.5/10
    Bottom Line: A very fun experience for only $20, but it leaves you wanting more story, more improvements, more jewel cases, and more hard disk space.

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    If you've played Final Fantasy Tactics, you'll be able to draw some parallels with Hundred Swords. Instead of focusing on one character specifically, however, the game's plot circulates around several different people, each within the nations of Nalavale, Gran, Mascar, and Ruplustorie. The plot initially starts with the rise to power of the Boy King Larf of the nation of Nalavale.

    Nalavale's history as a ruthless and bloodthirsty nation precede's Larf's reign, and has afforded him many enemies, chief of which is the Mascar tribe, also known as the Tribe of Schemers. The Mascar tribe doesn't really seek world domination like your archetype enemy nation, but rather live in a state of perpetual fear. This fear is what drives them to viciously protect their interests, and to jump to overwhelming conclusions regarding the allegiances of other nations.

    In the beginning of the game, Mascar plots to sabotage Larf by intercepting his message exchange with the Girl Queen of the northern nation of Gran, Fals Ru Gran. Rentze, the commander of the armies of Mascar, suspects treachery between Gran and Nalavale, and believes the two nations are allying to crush Mascar together. He further has his own deeply-seated hatred of Nalavale and its history, and will stop at nothing to unseat Larf and bring Nalavale to ruin. The balance of power begins to tip and wobble, and many parties with their own interests begin to stir the pot even more, including the elitist Merchant Tribe, the Ruplustorie, and rival families within Gran's own borders.

    The plot takes some time to begin to sink in, but once you've put in a few hours with the game, it begins drawing you in and keeping you close. While not as grandiose and controversial as the plot of Final Fantasy Tactics, Hundred Swords' plot still has a fair amount of twists and turns, but its primary appeal is the drama involved between the characters. Hundred Swords manages to capture the storyline intricacies of a deep RPG within the bounds of a strategy game.

    The cutscenes are depicted in two different fashions, one using the in-game engine, which is generally rather silly looking and cartoonish. The more dramatic moments are shown with the onscreen character conversation and interlude pictures and images. The characters' reactions could be a bit more diverse in my opinion…They clearly show a great amount of emotion, but the small variety of expressions mean that the emotions may be misapplied to the situation. I think the following picture shows my point well.

    While the plot may be good, the game is very short. It contains a lot of replay value in the practice battle mode, and potentially the online play, but the game feels like it could have had a much larger plot. Nalavale, Gran, Mascar, and Ruplustorie are four of the nine nations shown on the continental map, and you hardly hear a squeak out of any of the others, and only Nalavale and Gran are playable in the campaign mode. This game feels like it could've had a lot more content in it, especially considering that it comes on two game discs.

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