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    Soldier Of Fortune II: Double Helix
    Author: Tony McDowell   Publisher: Activision   Developer: Raven
    Date Posted: July 23rd, 2002
    SLRating: SLRating: 9/10
    Bottom Line: Double Helix is a solid title from start to finish. A solid single-player experience, robust multiplayer, and stunning visuals and audio make this the most solid all-around title since Half-Life.

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    Normally, I am not one for multiplayer first-person games. It takes a lot for me to really get into one. Half-Life is one of the few titles whose multiplayer has captivated me for more than a few moments. Due to its excellent mapping, weapon placement, and overall feel, Double Helix has earned a spot in my heart as a solid multiplayer experience.

    Like any Q3A-based game, getting up and running with a multi-player session is just a few mouse clicks away. Tweaking and tuning to get the "best" multiplayer experience, however, may take a little more time. As I mentioned before, Double Helix is much more than just Q3A with a different face. Raven has made a lot of enhancements below the surface that will push your entire system to its limits. Take my advice when turning on options in the configuration menu. Your gameplay and your frag count will thank you later.

    Even with its relatively recent release, the mod scene has already pumped out a plethora of custom multiplayer maps for this game. And, most are of surprisingly good quality. If you're a multiplayer fan, I can say from experience that you won't be disappointed here. There's plenty of maps to satiate you in the box and even more out on the web, so just cancel your plans for the weekend because you won't be going out any time soon.


    It is hard not to say really positive things about Double Helix. Games this much fun come along only every once in a great while. I have to admit that at first I was a bit skeptical. I thought that Raven was just going to have lots of enemies with lots of ways to blow them up and see blood flying in all directions. There is so much more here than just that.

    Whether you are a fan of FPS games, the Soldier of Fortune license, or just a bored gamer looking for a great game, there is something to love here for everyone. It is entirely possible to become lost in either the single-player or multi-player module, never touch the other and still walk away from this game completely satisfied.

    Sometimes a license alone will make a game sell like hotcakes, such as Quake, Wolfenstein, and Unreal. Due to the overwhelming success of the first Soldier of Fortune game, Raven could've theoretically sat on their laurels with this title and still had it sell a million copies. But, they have elected not to do that and you, the gamer, get to reap the benefit. Even if you have never played the first game and even if you generally don't like FPS titles, I recommend that you get this game. Raven has outdone itself here and I doubt that we will see another title of this caliber from them or any other house until the release of Doom III or Quake 4.

    Note: all screen shots used are from the SOF2: Double Helix press pack.

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