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    Need For Speed - Hot Pursuit 2
    Author: Daniel Topler
    Date Posted: March 1st, 2003
    SLRating: SLRating: 7/10
    Bottom Line: The Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 is unique and fun but if you want something realistic look elsewhere. Is it worth buying? Read on and make your own mind up in our official review....

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      There are five main modes in the game;
    • ē Hot Pursuit
    • ē Championship
    • ē Multiplayer
    • ē Quick Race
    • ē Single Race
    I enjoyed all of them, but Single Race ended up being my favorite. Both Hot Pursuit and Championship are essentially a ladder of different events. By winning each event, you get points and with points, you can buy new cards and tracks. It takes quite a while to complete all of the levels, but thatís mainly because each course is very long.

    Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 also offers a Multiplayer mode. Itís fairly simple, just go to the Multiplayer section and select your server. In seconds, youíll be racing with other people. Rooms were constantly crowded, which is a good thing. The only things we didnít like about Multiplayer was the fact that there was no ďBe the CopĒ mode and no traffic.

    I thought that Quick Race was nice and convienent. If you want to race, but donít care what car youíll use and where you will race, itís a nice option to choose. It automatically sends you to a race using a random car/track. I didnít use it much, though, only when getting screenshots.

    The Single Race mode is pretty much self-explanatory. You choose the track, the car, and the difficulty, and you race. The difficulty level didnít do much however; it just changed the number of cops in the game. I have to admit that cops are fun, but they can get annoying quickly.

    There are different techniques that the copís use to catch you. The most frequent is the good-old roadblock. In this one the cops block your path in an attempt to catch you, they are fairly easy to bypass. Watch out for the spike trip as its almost impossible to by-pass. If you hit it the police automatically catch you. Although itís hard to avoid, it is possible. Despite the fact that it is very unrealistic, my personal favorite is the helicopter. A helicopter follows you dropping bombs on its way, If you hit one and your car flips over. Itís a challenge to escape the cops when the helicopter arrives, but it is possible.

    Being the Cop
    This is essentially the prime reason for getting the game and sets it apart from any other racing game. Itís actually quite fun, but itís also challenging. You start out in random location in the track you select. After the 3Ö2Ö1Ö countdown, you begin chasing a car thatís right in front of you. Thereís a little ďhealth meterĒ over every speeding car. Once the health meter is empty, they are busted. Sometimes itíll take just one hit, but other times itíll take quite a few. It all depends on how much force you use.

    If you are having trouble getting a speeder, you can always call for backup. Thereís the helicopter, thatíll throw bombs down at the car, a roadblock, or a request for extra squad cars. The problem with the squad cars, however, is that if they get the car, points donít go to you, making it useless. This is the same with the roadblock. Be warned, the helicopter is not perfect, when throwing down bombs, they could hit you and make you spin out of control.

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