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    Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza
    Author: Tony McDowell   Publisher: Sierra   Developer: Pirahna Games
    Date Posted: June 25th, 2002
    SLRating: SLRating: 7.5/10
    Bottom Line: Great license, great engine, involving story. Nakatomi Plaza is an okay game, but there is nothing here that really sets it apart from the pack. Pick it up if you're a fan, otherwise keep waiting on Doom3.

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    Graphics and Sound

    As previously mentioned, Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza employs the LithTech engine and, as such, the player is in store for really nice visual effects. Some of the most gratifying moments are the excellent shattering of glass and seeing characters up close. The detail available with this engine is simply unreal. However, it seems that Piranha was not very consistent with their usage of said engine. Some things, like the models for NPCs, are very well rendered and look superb while others, like tables and other assorted filler items, are just simple polygons with rudimentary textures applied. A good level of consistency would've helped maintain the feeling of immersion here.

    Piranha did make an attempt to make up for these low quality textures by using lots of different textures all over the place. However, the same textures are used all the time and the building becomes redundant. I know that the LithTech engine is capable of handling a much higher number of unique textures then they've really used here.

    Anyone who has known me for a while knows how much emphasis I put on a game's audio. I can make concessions in certain circumstances, but this is usually what makes or breaks a game's reputation with me. I am pleased to say that I was very impressed by the audio content in Nakatomi Plaza. As I mentioned previously, I was initially impressed by the usage of accurate German language dialog. But, the impression continues beyond that. The sounds of the report for the various weapons are well done and even echo appropriately depending on your location. Enemies talk amongst themselves and there are lots of ambient sounds. In one scene, as I was crawling through some ducting, I heard ambient sounds of critters crawling around in the ducting along side me. To say I was impressed puts it mildly. I am familiar with good ambient sounds from games like Half-Life, but this actually upped the ante a little bit.

    As I am not intimately familiar with the original movie series, I cannot vouch for all of the music in the game, but I do know that I heard at least three different versions of the main theme. Regardless of its authenticity to the movies, the remainder of the score is impressive as well. So much so that I wish I had MP3s of some of it. Some games, like Revenant and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Fallen allowed for this sort of thing. That would've been nice here, but does not seriously detract from the games appeal.

    DirectX is only supported audio API, so you at least get support via DirectSound. Considering that all modern sound cards are made by either Creative Labs or some other major vendor using A3D, there should've been some support for these competing (and in some cases, superior) APIs.

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