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    Destroyer Command
    Author: Aaron Dahlen
    Date Posted: March 14th, 2002
    SLRating: SLRating: 4/10
    Bottom Line: Given the chance to introduce some interesting strategy elements into a simulation, SSI has disappointed us with Destroyer Command. It offers few, if any, redeeming qualities even for fanatics of the genre.
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    Pros & Cons


    • Time Compression
    • Good 3D sound


    • Weak graphics
    • No versus Silent Hunter II
    • No music
    • Stupid AI
    • Useless screens
    • Terrible documentation


    The simulation genre is still alive because of its emphasis on realism through graphics, audio, and AI. Destroyer Command has only one of these qualities to any extent, making it a clear failure at its purpose. Some of these faults could probably be fixed with patches, but we haven't heard about any on the horizon yet, and the problems with Silent Hunter II have remained unpatched for several months now. If you were unlucky enough to already pick up Destroyer Command, you have my condolences. Unless by some miracle Ultimation is able to save this heap of junk through updates, don't consider buying this title. It's a waste of a good $40 that could be much better spent.

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