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    Grandia II
    Author: Drew Lanclos   Publisher: Ubi Soft   Developer: Game Arts
    Date Posted: August 15th, 2002
    SLRating: SLRating: 7/10
    Bottom Line: A great game gets mired down in a lousy port job.

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    Enter Ryudo, a young Geohound forced to live the life of a mercenary due to the persecution of his people, most of which act as savages. While trying to scrape together a living with his best friend, Skye, Ryudo soon finds himself wrapped up in a job that he didn't bargain for by serving as bodyguard to Elena, a Songstress of the Church of Granas. While performing a purifying ceremony in the Tower of Valmar to reinforce the Seal of Granas, the ceremony is interrupted and fails, and Valmar's Wings take possession of Elena's soul, binding to her very being. Things will never be quite so simple of course. Ryudo learns compassion along the way, and finds new menaces to protect Elena from, including Elena herself, in the form of her new persona, Millenia, the embodiment of Wings of Valmar. His compassion soon begins to join with his bravery, as he takes up his sword to the cause of defending Silesia from the corruption of Valmar.

    Grandia II's plot isn't quite as, erm, grandiose as the original's. Whereas the first game gave a wonderful sense of wanderlust and adventure, the second game is more about urgency, as Ryudo and Elena are almost always running from one place to another, assisting with a new cause or working to hold back Valmar's hold on Elena. The plot doesn't have anywhere near the depth of, say, Xenogears, but it's probably about the same level as Lunar, with a more serious tone.

    The best item to consider about Grandia II's plot and character development is a set of scenes that you'll get when staying overnight at an inn, or at various other points in the story. All the characters in your party will hold a palaver, and you can talk to them in whatever order you wish, in order to get the story from each character's perspective, and to build relationships between each of them. There aren't a lot of cutscenes to watch, however - Grandia II mostly uses the in-game engine to render all the story development and character development, and uses the FMV for spellcasting effects. It works great on the Dreamcast, but the PC effect is a bit less...desireable. We'll discuss that later.

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