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    Foveon X3 Technology In-Depth
    Author: David Pitlyuk
    Date Posted: April 10th, 2002
    Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6
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    The F10 Image Sensor

    Here are the features and specs on the F10 image sensor which uses X3 technology:


    Foveon® X3™ Pixels

    • Three photodetectors are layered to achieve full-measured color in each pixel.
    • Images have improved sharpness and immunity to sampling artifacts (moiré).

    Variable Pixel Size (VPS)

    • Several neighboring pixels can be averaged together to obtain the effect of a larger pixel.
    • Enables flexible video capture at a variety of resolutions.
    • Enables higher ISO mode at lower resolutions without sacrificing noise.

    Parallel On-Chip A/D Conversion

    • Three integrated 12-bit A/D converters running at up to 20MHz..
    • Red, green, and blue pixels are multiplexed onto a single 10-bit tri-state output data bus.
    • RGB analog outputs are also available on-board.

    Integrated Digital Control

    • Minimal external control logic required.
    • Data bus from the image sensor can be connected directly to DSP or video capture bus.
    • Sensor control is via simple 3 wire serial interface.

    Ultra Low Power

    • Advanced CMOS process technology results in ultra low power requirements.
    • Power consumption is less than 400mW during readout, less than 10mW in standby mode, and less than 100 µW in power down mode.

    Low noise

    • The Foveon X3 image sensor offers extremely low-noise readout and very high dynamic range.
    • Proprietary readout circuits eliminate many of the fixed pattern noise artifacts associated with CMOS image sensors.

    Blooming Community

    • The Foveon X3 image sensor has substantially greater resistance to the blooming that is characteristic of CCD image sensors.


    Total Pixels 1344 x 1024 x 3 Format of X3 pixels within the array
    Effective Pixels 1280 x 960 x 3 Format of optically active X3 pixels
    Effective Photo Detectors 3.7 million Total number of measured color data points captured by image sensor
    Pixel Pitch 5µm Center-to-center spacing of X3 pixels
    Effective Area 6.4mm x 4.8mm  
    Effective Diagonal 8mm  
    Aspect Ratio 4:3  
    ISO 100 Full resolution mode
    Frame Rate 10FPS for Full Array; >30FPS for 640 x 480 resolution (VPS) Maximum number of frames per second in the rolling shutter mode
    Variable Pixel Size Increments Integer Multiples Number of X3 pixels of one color to average
    Package CLCC 100 Pin  

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    1. Introduction/Mosaic Capture Vs. X3 Capture
    2. Variable Pixel Size
    3. The X3 Image Sensor
    4. The F7 Image Sensor
    5. The F10 Image Sensor
    6. Conclusion

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