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    The iPod Battery Controversy
    Author: Daniel Topler
    Date Posted: February 8th, 2004

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    The iPod Battery Controversy

    If you have been alive for the past two months or so, you are probably aware of the iPod battery controversy:, that the iPod battery dies within one to three years, and that Apple will not cover the battery dying. Instead, you would be forced to get a replacement battery from them for $250, or you can just buy a new iPod for $300. Obviously, they want you to buy the new iPod instead of the repair option.

    What most people do not know about the whole iPod battery situation is this: the problem only exists on first-generation iPods, and of those, only a few models have the issue. Instead, TV reporters are saying that all iPod batteries will die within one to three years, and that itís not a good idea to buy an iPod for this reason.

    Luckily, iPod sales did not dramatically decrease. However, the country was incorrectly informed about the iPod battery life. On top of that, people have been questioning the iPod since then. For example, Iíve had at least five friends come up to me asking about the iPod battery problem, fully convinced that it is a problem that still exists and that is still something to be concerned over.

    I am the owner of both a First-Generation 5GB iPod, as well as a Third-Generation 10GB iPod. Truthfully, my G1 5GB iPod has had loss in battery. I would not say significant, maybe between 15-20% drop in battery life. This is something to be concerned about, but not something to stop someone from buying an iPod.

    Yes, it is true, some First-Generation iPods have a dead battery after two or three years, but keep in mind that only a very small percentage of users have this problem, so truthfully, I would not worry about it.

    On top of that, we are at the third-generation iPod at this point. We also now have the iPod Mini. The Second-Generation iPod has come and gone. First-Generation iPods havenít been sold in years. The battery problem only existed in the first-generation iPods. They actually used a different type of battery, which are no longer used in the iPods.

    So what if you have a First Generation iPod with a battery problem? You really have three options. You can call Apple, and they can fix your battery for $100. Since the rise of the battery controversy, Apple changed their policy on the batteries, to fix them for $100, instead of the outrageous $250. You can also buy your own iPod battery. They cost $49, and are installed yourself. You can find them at Your last option is the least pleasing; just to go and buy a new iPod.

    What bothers me about this whole Apple iPod controversy is not the fact that Apple had a defective product (First Generation iPod), but the fact that the media blew it out of proportion, saying that all iPods have that problem, instead of saying that the only model that experienced this issue was Generation One, which has not been sold for about two and a half years.

    Iím sure all of you know that iPods are the best selling MP3 player, and the most critically acclaimed one as well. I am extremely happy with both my first-generation, and my third-generation iPods, and I strongly advise you to take a look at the iPod if you are looking for a new MP3 player.

    However, I recommend not buying any used First-Generation iPods.

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