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    ATI Radeon 8500 64MB
    Author: David Pitlyuk
    Date Posted: April 24th, 2002
    SLRating: SLRating: 8.5/10
    Bottom Line: The Radeon 8500 64MB is a great overall card with good features, good performance, and good quality.

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    Quake3 Arena

    With Quake3 Arena set at the Fastest setting we se see that 1024x768 there isn't much difference between all of the cards, yet the Radeon 8500 surpassed all the cards in terms of speed, even the GF4 Ti4600. Even with a higher resolution the Radeon 8500 really stays up there with the pack performing less then 4% below the Ti4600 and less then 2% behind the Ti4400, a difference you most likely would not notice.

    We crank up the settings a notch and move to normal, again, the Radeon 8500 surpasses all of the cards at a 1024x768 resolution. At 1600x1200 we start to see another story as the 8500 falls back, even behind the Ti500. It performs a little less then 6% below the Ti500, 15.5% behind the Ti4400, and about 20% behind the Ti4600, a big drop from the fastest settings. Lets see how things turn out when we crank up the settings to high quality.

    This time around the Radeon 8500 is not the top card, but only half a frame away from being the top. When we changed the settings from fastest to normal we saw quite a drop back in performance, does the same thing happen here? Yup, it does, but not quite as much. The card runs a little more then 8% slower then the Ti500, about 20% slower then the Ti4400, and about 25% slower then the Ti4600. It is important to keep in mind that both the Ti4400 and the Ti4600 are 128MB video cards, while the Radeon is only 64MB. The GeForce3 Ti500 is also 64MB so as I said before, that is more of its competition.

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    1. Introduction/Specs
    2. Features
    3. The Card
    4. Test Setup
    5. 3DMark 2001 SE
    6. Quake3 Arena
    7. WinXP Bench
    8. Evolva
    9. Pros & Cons/Conclusion

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