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    Handspring Treo 180
    Author: Drew Lanclos
    Date Posted: June 19th, 2002
    SLRating: SLRating: 8/10
    Bottom Line: A thorough mix of genius and asinine design decisions if there ever were one. It's sleek and lightweight, but Kyocera owners don't have anything to worry about...yet.

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    Pros & Cons


    • It's GSM (CDMA available)
    • Stylish
    • Relatively easy to use as a one-handed phone
    • Wicked-cool web browser


    • GSM only supported by VoiceStream and Cingular
    • Muy pricey
    • Keyboard designed for use by children


    As a phone, the Treo 180 doesn't really operate with the same comforts and features/functionality as the Kyocera QCP-6035. When you start dabbling with the Internet connectivity, however, that's where this phone starts to shine. It's small and stylish, and definitely draws attention. On the other hand, at times it feels flimsy, and you're afraid to drop it.

    Many mainstream media outlets seem to have cast this phone as being highly revolutionary...but given the fact that most of its features were already implemented in other cellPDAs, I would hesitate to say that. On the other hand, its wireless Internet access is quite improved upon other models' implementation, and it has some other sensible improvements beyond current offerings. I would sooner call it evolutionary as opposed to revolutionary. This isn't a bad thing, of course. Handspring has a history of letting other companies venture forth with decent offerings in new technology, and following up with their own product which is smartly done, and fixes the problems that the other products had.

    The Treo 180 is an interesting product offering, and it's certainly an excellent product for people looking to trade up from a plain ol' cellphone, or for customers who have something pre-dating the Palm m505 or m125, or even users of the Palm VII and m70x series. For people who have already jumped on the cellPDA bandwagon, though, there's probably not enough new here to warrant a switch.

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