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    Call of Duty Review
    Author: FeuerKuh
    Date Posted: July 14th, 2004
    SLRating: SLRating: 9/10
    Bottom Line: Its been said that Call of Duty is one of the most popular online games in the world. SLCentral put the game through its paces and agreed. Read on to find out what we liked in our official review....

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    Unlike most WWII games there are more teams, its not just a case of allies being American and axis being German. In Call of Duty, Allies consist of American, British, and Russian troops. In the single player mode, you will go through a series of campaigns throughout the 82nd Airborne to a drafted Russian peasant.

    As you move on in the levels, you go into different countries armies unlocking different parts of the war and all new weapons. In both multiplayer and single player modes, you will race to control Europe with 24 different weapons.

    Call of Duty's motto is "no one fights alone" and that is kept throughout the entire game. The missions are almost all squad based, except for a couple of sabotage missions where your buddies wait to pick you up after your done blowing some stuff up.

    Throughout the game you will use your squad for covering fire and clearing out buildings. The AI is pretty smart, so you wont be battling mindless bots.

    Another thing that makes this game stand out is the realistic ness, the gun and player models are all very nicely done and it actually looks amazingly real when you look at a teammate. Firing while crouching he looks like he is aiming and the bullets whiz in to the ground, the reloading action is pretty realistic to.

    The best feature in this game that really makes it above all others, is the "look down the barrel" action. Right mouse click will bring the gun up to the screen, so you are looking down the gun site. The sites are historically accurate so you are aiming as a real soldier would have done. Its very nice for longer range shooting, also when you look down the barrel your firing becomes more accurate, so you are more likely to hit an enemy while doing that.

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