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    Call of Duty Review
    Author: FeuerKuh
    Date Posted: July 14th, 2004
    SLRating: SLRating: 9/10
    Bottom Line: Its been said that Call of Duty is one of the most popular online games in the world. SLCentral put the game through its paces and agreed. Read on to find out what we liked in our official review....

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    Graphics and Sound

    When I first played CoD the models amazed me, they kind of looked odd when they run, but when they are firing in different positions it just distracts you at how good the models simulate what it really looks like. Also depending on which map and weapon you have you get a different model. For example, if you are a German rifleman you will have camouflage.

    Ever played a game where you would go into a dark area, where if you had even the slightest glare, or even without a glare, you couldn't see? Well thats another thing I love about Call of Duty. There are no extremely dark spaces, the shadows and dark textures are very well put in without making them pitch black to the point that you cannot see in that area at all. Its just to the point where in multi player, a body could hide and you'd have to take a second glance before you realize someone's there.

    Another cool feature is turning blood on and off. If you do not like to see a blood splatter when you shoot someone, then just turn it off. When you turn the blood on, its just a small splatter of red, so its no too gory.

    Call of Duty has totally amazing sound. The guns give off sharp sounds and each of them are unique. After a couple times of playing, you can tell the different types of gunfire apart. This is very helpful and can tell you if you are being shot at by a sniper. Not only can you tell the difference between sounds, you can tell from which direction its coming from. Its not to the point of surround sound, but its pretty damn good. If you like games with awesome graphics and sound, this is the game for you!

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    3. Graphics & Sound
    4. Multiplayer
    5. Screenshots
    6. Conclusions

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