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    Call of Duty Review
    Author: FeuerKuh
    Date Posted: July 14th, 2004
    SLRating: SLRating: 9/10
    Bottom Line: Its been said that Call of Duty is one of the most popular online games in the world. SLCentral put the game through its paces and agreed. Read on to find out what we liked in our official review....

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    I thought that this review needed a section specifically going over the multiplayer aspect of the game.

    Firstly, let me go over the basic muliplayer information. Total (not counting customs), there are fifteen different maps, with different settings, styles, models, and even teams. Depending on the map, the teams might be American vs. German, another might be Russian vs German, and the last combination is Britain vs German. Also dependent on the map is the style of the player models. For snow maps, you get snow suits, forest is camouflage, etc.

    There are also six different game modes. You are all familiar with the death match and team death match, but there are new, very exciting modes to it also, including headquarters (destroy the enemy radio to win), search and destroy (objective based), and retrieval (a one-sided capture the flag). So if team death match just doesn't seem like its for you anymore try one of those other great modes and you will be there for hours.

    As most first person shooters these days, Call of Duty has a quick chat built in. Pressing "V" will bring up a list of categories, you will select one and it will give you more options on what command or request to give. This is very helpful if you memorize them as you wont need to type as much and considering CoD is highly based on squads, you will need this a lot.

    CoD's multi player is also great because the mood of the server you are on could change in a second. One minute you are having a massive fire fight, then the next minute its quite. Players go from being Rambo's to quiet snipers, to strategists. It will keep you on your feet.

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    3. Graphics & Sound
    4. Multiplayer
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